Zone of Genius Sales

Wouldn’t you love to create comfortable, confident, high-converting
sales calls that score you more craveworthy clients,
without stress, shame or self-doubt, in less than 48 hours?

You’re an entrepreneur on a mission to sell out your brilliant premium price offerings on your sales calls.

You’re itching to score boatloads of the most craveworthy clients. The ones who will truly transform their lives or businesses, who will rave about you to everyone they know.

But the awful, not-so-secret truth is that sales calls are WAY out of your comfort zone.

You’ve never been professionally trained in sales. You’ve never worked in sales. You’ve never wanted to BE in sales.

So, you try to learn how to sell successfully.

The gurus advise you to lure your prospect with the offer of a discovery call. All you have to do is dazzle her with your brilliance and solve her impossibly deep and difficult issue in 30 minutes or less.

Which leaves you just enough time for that hideous moment when she discovers that what she thought was a free session is now a high pressure sales situation she cannot escape. AWKWARD!

At this point it’s all about strong arming her into a sale: if you’re serious about your future, you will open a Paypal line of credit right now-would you like some help?

UGH. Both you and your prospect end up feeling slimed. What a way to begin a client relationship, amiright? This feels wrong because it IS wrong.

You fail to score anything more than a giant vat of stress, shame & self-doubt.

Aside from the unbelievable strain of that high wire act, aren’t you sick of giving away your genius on calls that attract lots of freebie zombies, but never seem to actually get you the good clients?

So you try again with a different sales model.

They tell you to just relax, be yourself, and have a casual conversation. Ask some questions, answer some questions. It’ll be fine, trust them.

Fantastic! Except…Which questions exactly? When? How? Why?

The last thing you want to do is wing this call on a hope and a prayer (please oh please oh please don’t ask me that!!!). You spend the call incredibly anxious about what could happen because deep down, you don’t really know what you’re doing (and it shows).

It’s not like first impressions are important or anything. ACK.

You fail again.

Clearly, you are TERRIBLE at sales. Everything you try feels hideous. And nothing you’ve tried gets you hired by enough of those perfect people.

And you sit there…

Wondering: how on EARTH do other people do this? The ones who seem to easily and comfortably convert tons of perfect people into lifelong clients and raving fans. What do they know that you don’t?

Pondering: how much it costs to hire someone else to do your sales calls for you. But you can’t afford that till you make SO many more sales, so….argh.

Grappling: with the idea of simply giving it all up. Maybe you can drop your prices DRAMATICALLY, just sell super cheap stuff and avoid sales calls entirely…

Puzzling: why oh WHY do you have to become a salesperson (sleazy or otherwise)? Wasn’t the whole point of starting your own business to spend all your time doing the work you love and are gifted at?

Doubting: that you will EVER be able sell successfully when it’s so against your nature, so out of your comfort zone.

Deciding: now is the perfect time to start double-fisting the wine.

You don’t need to do this anymore.

Because I’ve developed a system for comfortable, confident, client-getting that takes away:

The need to do oceans of free sessions, become a master manipulator, or wing it on a hope and a prayer.

The problem of dreading, fearing, and all around being super uncomfortable and insecure with selling your services.

The endless struggle to get enough of those craveworthy clients to actually hire you.


It takes you from insecurity & shame spirals to comfortable & confident sales calls that quickly convert,
in less than 48 hours.

Introducing Zone of Genius Sales

A masterclass in comfortable & confident, high-converting sales calls that win you the most craveworthy clients without stress, shame, or self-doubt.

Because it relies on my Zone of Genius Sales System, the only system that shows you exactly how to be super successful at sales by staying IN your comfort zone.


In your zone of genius

Who am I am & why should you listen to me?

I’m Wendy White and I spent over a decade in international sales and biz dev helping small, unknown businesses land clients and make a big impact in extremely competitive markets in the U.S., LatAm, and Europe before I took this expertise online.

Since 2014, I’ve been teaching my 1:1 clients how to run super successful calls to sell their premium price offerings with professional, proven systems and methods (‘cause I KNOW you’ve got no time to be messing around with trials and mistakes!).

Typical results?

  • Converting on-the-fence prospects into committed clients for her group program mere hours after learning my system.
  • Getting her first premium paying client from her very first sales conversation before she even quit her dayjob or launched her coaching practice.
  • Selling out her services with a waiting list based on her sales calls alone (ie: no marketing) after years of stagnating and no clients.
  • Getting her first high-end client for her new business from her first sales conversation without creating any marketing AT ALL.

I know what you’re thinking…

It won’t work for me because I’m not naturally good at sales, in fact, I never, ever, EVER wanted to be a salesperson.

If it were that simple, why isn’t everyone doing it?

How is this different from all the other terrible sales advice that has utterly failed to get me enough of those craveworthy clients?

I’m so glad you asked, because…

Here’s why this is unlike anything you have seen before:

Here’s what’s included in this life (& impact & income) changing masterclass:

Module one: Zone of Genius Sales Principles

I reveal the strategy that makes this so incredibly effective at getting you hired by more of those perfect people: the key paradigm shift that will improve how you sell forever plus the six C’s of incredibly successful sales.

I break down each of the key principles, explaining how you can fully profit from the skills and talents you’ve already using in your coaching or consulting work to run comfortable, confident, high-converting sales calls.

Module two: Zone of Genius Sales Practicum

I walk you step by step through a sales call format so you can immediately implement it in your own business.

I give you key phrases, fill in the blank formulas, and questions, including when (and why) to ask them, as well as how to handle objections & hesitations so that you can improve your conversions by at least 50% on your very next sales call.

Module three: Zone of Genius Sales FAQ

I tell you exactly how to deal with the most common issues & dilemmas so that you can handle them like a pro and get them hiring you. For example:

  • How do I create a sense of urgency so she wants to buy now, not in three months (but in a non-slimy, non-fake way)?
  • How do I make the value of my offer clear so she understands it’s worth the investment (particularly if you’re not selling business services)?
  • How do I get over my discomfort with asking for money?
  • How do I deal with people who just want to get a free session?

All delivered in focused, concise, immediately actionable lessons that you can access right away. You can go through all the masterclass materials in just a couple of hours, and can apply it instantly to your business to get more of those craveworthy clients ASAP.

Fast to learn, easy to implement, so you will quickly recoup your investment many times over on your very next sales call.

Ready for comfortable, confident, craveworthy-client-getting?

Get the Zone of Genius Sales Masterclass now!

Investment: $299

Success Stories

Wendy’s able to get results, when so many business coaches can’t.

Today, I had to tell a client that I couldn’t take her on until February because my schedule is full. I NEVER thought I’d be saying that.

I will tell anyone who wants real results to hire her.

Kathya Bustamante
Eco-Biz Strategist
I absolutely recommend Wendy to anyone that wants to start making real money in their coaching business.

I signed up my first client-paying full whack, no discounts, no more free coaching, being paid what I’m worth!

Karrie Stringer
Business Coach
Within 2 days, I have hit 2K. How’s that for results?

Wendy helped me focus and created a catalyst effect within me as a direct result of the call. I am hitting on all cylinders now.

Stacey Ruth
CMO, InsideOut Marketing

Why is this SO inexpensive?

Because I want you to recoup your investment many times over in your very next call.

So, for the first time I have taken what has gotten my 1:1 clients such fantastic results and put it into easy, focused, instantly actionable lessons.

So that you will start scoring more of the most craveworthy clients immediately.

Get the Zone of Genius Sales Masterclass for comfortable, confident, craveworthy-client-getting NOW. 

Turn sales call loathing into love, insecurity into successful selling, and cringing into cha-ching!