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You are one of a kind. Your message deserves to be too.

If you’re whip-smart, experienced & savvy, but the spark you once had has turned into a fizzle…

If you’re drowning in “shoulds” and the overblown advice of guru after guru…

If you feel like you’re still missing that one thing that will give the 40,358 scattered pieces of your business a powerful, persuasive center…

You’re in the right place.

My clients are coaches, consultants & other purpose driven entrepreneurs in one of two places:


You’ve been working on making your mark for 2-5 years, but all that effort hasn’t yet come together to really make it rain.


You’ve seen lots of success over the last 6-10 years of your business, but the level of effort required isn’t sustainable and your level of frustration is mounting.

Bottom line: you still aren’t making the impact or income you’re seeking.

That’s where I come in.

I spent over a decade in international sales & biz dev helping small businesses win clients
in the U.S., LatAm & Europe before taking this expertise online in 2014.
I’ve learned that the key to a successful business is knowing what to say that will:
make you stand out & make them buy what you’re selling.

So, what you need now? Is a unique, confident & compelling message
that speaks directly to the hearts (& wallets) of your ideal clients.

DISCOVER how we can work together below.

Not sure exactly what you need or how to say “help!” in Spanish?

Start Small, Start Now course

What if you could start getting clients for your business right now?

In this powerful course, you’ll get my proven process to sign clients up in the next couple of days, start working with them by next week, and in no time, have results, testimonials, and so much more confidence in your skills, your offer, your marketing, and yourself (not to mention money, honey).

Stop waiting for someday, start getting clients right away.

Extraordinary Impact

Extraordinary Impact accelerator

Ready to become a thought leader?

This is my group coaching program to master the unique, confident, client-winning brand message you must have to rise above the noise. Because confidently communicating what you do and why it matters is THE thing that will allow you to influence a greater audience and bring in your truly ideal clients quickly and simply.

So you can pull away from the pack and make an extraordinary impact on the world.

Success Stories

I absolutely recommend Wendy to anyone that wants to start making real money in their coaching business.

She cares that you succeed and she will be absolutely honest. When I first contacted her, she told me straight that I wasn’t ready to work with her. But she didn’t just leave it at that, she told me what to do first so that I could get the experience I needed before invested. And she was so right.

I signed up my first client before I’d even finished the programme – paying full whack, no discounts, no more free coaching, being paid what I’m worth!

Karrie Stringer
Business Coach
Wendy’s able to get results, when so many business coaches can’t.

She’s a real business coach, as opposed to the typical yoga teacher turned marketing expert. Working with her, you get a professional who is actually educated in this field.

She’s a remarkable listener. She’s unbelievably quick at picking up the nuances and reads between the lines to hone in on what the real problem is and then delivers strategic step by step advice to resolve it.

I will tell anyone who wants real results to hire her.

Kathya Bustamante
Eco-Biz Strategist
Have you hired Wendy yet? She knows her shit. And she’s the best in the biz.

I worked with her in the first quarter of 2017…and it DRAMATICALLY upped my game. I redefined my business and launched a signature coaching program that is thriving today. No surprise: she’s great at helping coaching businesses launch/relaunch and prosper.

But, a year after we worked together, I went back to our work to create new workshop content for a speaking gig.  I was ELATED to find that all I had to do was cut and paste all of this genius that she helped pull out of me. All of this language is brilliantly articulated AND STILL SOUNDS LIKE ME!!!

I don’t know how she does it, but Wendy is THAT GOOD!

Jennie Mustafa-Julock
Inner Critic Expert, Coach Jennie
Wendy White - Messaging strategist for coaches & consultants

Worried that your introduction is
client-blocking you?

Get Instant Impact, my cheeky & complimentary guide to creating a compelling introduction that speaks directly to the heart & wallet of your ideal client.

Fantastic! You're in!