Wing Women

Wing Women


Ever wish that being a solopreneur wasn't so, well, SOLITARY? 


>>>Where you could have real business conversations, get feedback, and inspiration from other successful professionals? >>>Where you could workshop your fantastic ideas and sort your troublesome issues? >>>Where you could find a team of brilliant business women to invest in you and root for your success? 


Introducing Wing Women, your Success Team

Wing Women is a membership community of whip-smart, working coaches, consultants & other thought leaders designed to help you amplify your message and create the extraordinary impact and income you crave. 

It’s a place to profit from the power of a talented group of professional women who are all working towards similar goals, where you can ask for help, and get continuous support, accountability, and inspired ideas. 

It’s your insider access to deep conversations with other brilliant business women not just about strategies to increase your impact and income, but about ALL the things that come with being an entrepreneur.  

It’s the unbelievably invaluable practicum of learning from other successful professionals who are a step (or three) ahead of you on the learning curve, rather than struggling all by your lonesome. 

It’s the unending inspiration of being surrounded by other experienced solopreneurs who really get it (in a way that your friends and family really, REALLY don’t). 

It’s your chance to create connections, camaraderie, and collaborations, to make it a family affair, and to get it done together. 


Created, curated, and led by the #1 member of your Team, Biz Dev Strategist for extraordinary entrepreneurs, Wendy White (that’s me!).

I’ll be keeping you focused on the exact flight plan you need to get your business to take off. (You know, instead of the 150 billion things that you COULD do.) 

Plus, I’ll be sharing my expertise to help you land clients with a unique, confident, and compelling message.

Wing Women includes:


Let’s talk: We’ll cover all the topics you most care about and NEED to know for your work and your business. It’s a place to have all those conversations you desperately want to have, but cannot have anywhere else. (See below for specifics.)

Let’s fix it: You get specific answers to your most pressing questions. You bring your biggest dilemmas and walk away with concrete, actionable steps to move you forward, drawing not only on my experience and expertise, but that of your brilliant Wing Women. 


This is an exclusive, safe space to continue conversations and build real, lasting connections with other savvy business women who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise you can profit from. 

We’ll support you, give you honest (& expert) feedback on your ideas, and help you promote your finest endeavors. 

And, unlike every other single, solitary place in your business (and life?), you don’t have to be “on.” You just have to be there.  


You’ll get access to an ever growing collection of my best tips, exercises, videos & advice-the ones I use to get my 1:1 clients such spectacular results.  

So you can shut all the online noise from the shiny object marketeers and focus on elements you NEED in order to amplify your message and increase your impact and income. 

Swift kicks in the ass included for free. BECAUSE I CARE.

Wing Women will cover topics like:

  • What’s working now on social media? 
  • What’s wrong with my copy (and how do I fix it)? 
  • Clarifying your mission. 
  • How do I handle this nightmare client? 
  • How to end the marketing overwhelm. 
  • Fun with funnels (Kidding. Not kidding.) 
  • Dealing with rejection. 
  • Sorting the problem you solve. 
  • What service/marketing/platforms should I focus on to reach more of the right people? 
  • How do I get through this awful ________________? 
  • What do you think of my sales pitch/introduction/brand story? 
  • Minding your own business. 
  • How can I increase my profits this year? 
  • Overcoming fear and creating confidence. 
  • Simplifying your marketing strategy. 
  • Why is this happening???
  • Polishing your positioning. 
  • OMG, this ________________ just blew up. What do I do?  
  • How to sell them on my value?  
  • How to sell ME on my value? 
  • Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, oh my! (and the rest of the platforms, natch)  
  • What the $%*# do I name this? 
  • How do I deal with my biggest marketing challenge? 
  • Defining your ideal client. 
  • Quickly crafting compelling copy. 
  • Managing client relations. 
  • Get a 2nd (& 3rd & 4th) set of eyes on your copy/site/program/grand idea (and not just any eyes, but experienced, expert eyes). 
  • I need a better coaching technique to _______________. 
  • How to stop chasing shiny objects? (but they’re so pretty!) 
  • Selling comfortably & confidently.  
  • How do I price this? 
  • Struggles with analysis paralysis and perfectionism. 
  • Do I sound like everyone else? 
  • What to do when they’re not buying what you’re selling. 
  • What should I invest in next? 
  • Am I niched down enough? Too much? 
  • Why does everything feel like throwing spaghetti at the wall? 
  • Is anyone else seeing___________? 
  • Creating marketing content that converts. 
  • How do I keep going when nobody around me understands or supports what I’m doing (hint: join the Wing Women!)  

Join the Wing Women.

$25 per month.

Month to month commitment.  

As you look back on the past few years of your business and all that you’d hoped to accomplish, you know exactly how much you've been able to do on your own.  

What could you achieve if you had a whole team of brilliant, successful Wing Women on your side?  



Wing Women Terms & Conditions of Use (TOU) By purchasing a membership in Wing Women, you represent that you have read, understood and agreed to this entire document. 

I'm Wendy White, business development strategist for extraordinary entrepreneurs.  

Coaches, consultants & other thought leaders hire me to land clients with a unique, confident & compelling message. Because most are unclear, confusing & sound just like everyone else, so they’re not getting traction. I help them connect with those perfect people & convert them into clients so they can create the extraordinary impact® (& income) they crave.