Why you need a brand story that converts in 2024

Do you really need a brand story in 2024?

Listen, we are almost to the end of 2023. I know you had big plans for this year. Some happened (yay!) and some, well, didn’t (boo!).

2024 is full of possibilities and you know that having the right messaging is KEY to you rising above the noise and stepping out as a thought leader.

But there are so many things to work on in your messaging, how important is your brand story in the mix?

That’s the Q I’m answering in today’s video, and, spoiler alert: your brand story is crucial if you want to impact a greater audience and win the very best clients quickly and simply.

But it’s not enough to tell any old brand story, it’s got to be a brand story that CONVERTS.=>’cause clients & money.

Today, I’m spilling the beans on:

  • What a brand story is and where you need one
  • Why it’s essential to your messaging and positioning and CRITICAL to your thought leadership in 2024
  • How a brand story saved me $1200 in ad spend (so far) and made my client $9600 in just 48 hours
  • How YOU can get a brand story that converts to make all your social media, speaking, publicity, networking & client-getting more effective (not to mention, enjoyable)

Sounds like something you should check out, don’t you think?

Want to get my help with that? Kismet! ‘Cause in just a few days, I’m hosting Brand Stories that Convert, an intimate & interactive group workshop to create the unique, powerful client-winning brand story you need as a thought leader. Get all the delicious deets here!


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