Why you need a better introduction (& how to get one!)

Do you really need a better introduction?

I mean, are introductions actually that important? This is a question that came up in a networking group in last week.

I get it-intros are one of those things that everyone has, and, everyone also kind of hates. (Admit it.)

If you’re like most coaches & consultants, you probably have a bunch of fill-in-the-blank formulas you’ve collected over the years and yet, you haven’t got your intro nailed or it wouldn’t be such a source of anxiety and building your empire wouldn’t be so hard.

So, spoiler alert! Here’s my answer: yes, you DO need to work on your introduction because it’s an incredibly important piece of your messaging-particularly right now.

So, let’s talk about exactly why that is and what you can do to master yours!

To the video!

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Wendy White - Messaging strategist for coaches & consultants

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