Why you need a better introduction (& how to get one!)

Do you really need a better introduction? 

I mean, how actually important are intros in 2024? This question has come up to me countless times.

Look, I get it. Introductions are one of those things everyone has and (admit it) everyone also kind of hates. And who could blame them?   

If you’re like most coaches and consultants, you probably have a bunch of “amazing” fill-in-the-blank formulas you’ve collected over the years, yet you haven’t got your intro nailed! Want to know how I know? 

Because if you did, it wouldn’t be such a source of anxiety, and building your empire wouldn’t be so hard. 

So, spoiler alert: YES, you need to work on your intro because it’s a critical piece of your messaging, particularly right now. 

Why are introductions so important right now?

For starters, you need an introduction for all of the things. I’m talking about social media, networking opportunities, podcasts and interviews, summits and speaking gigs, videos and livestreams, websites, sales conversions… I could go on! But here’s the takeaway:

Introductions are more important than ever now.   

As more and more people are turning away from just posting on social media and towards networking, relationship marketing, media, and speaking for their client-getting, that introduction is crucial. Now, brace yourself; truth-bomb incoming!  

Your ideal client is never going to hire, refer, or even remember you if you cannot tell them what you do- clearly, concisely, and compellingly. 

Your intro is one of the most powerful pieces of messaging. 

And, when you get it right, it not only makes you unique, but it shows why you’re the expert AND establishes affinity with your audience, securing that all-important know, like, and trust. 

If you nail nothing else, just your intro can be the basis for so much. 

I know lots of people want to sell you on the complicated Rube Goldberg marketing machine of doom. And, with the predicament you’re in, it can be tempting. But if you know me, you know I am all about the simple, speedy path to getting hired by those truly ideal clients. 

And, the truth is, once you can communicate what you do and why it matters, not only will all that marketing you’ve been working on actually pay off, but it will get rid of the need to build all that crap. All you need to do is get yourself in front of an audience and wow them with an introduction like no one else’s. 

I’ve seen this over and over again with my Extraordinary Impact® clients. It’s why they get such ridiculous results! What do ridiculous results look like? Glad you asked! 

My client Sheila Keilty booked herself a TEDtalk just by introducing herself in an elevator (yes, a literal elevator pitch.) And my client Michelle Tubman, who used her new introduction at a networking event, scored not just a workshop, or a spread in a local magazine, or an interview on a local TV station, but all of the above, plus a keynote address at a wellness conference. 

But, sadly, too many talented coaches and consultants are using intros that are doing them a severe disservice. 

Tell me if this sounds at all familiar. (It will.)

You’re in all the places working your sweet patootie off on visibility. But, as you introduce yourself in that podcast interview, summit, or networking group full of your ideal clients, to your horror, you realize that you’re the 10,000th coach in a row saying, “I help entrepreneurs scale to 6 or 7 figures” or “I help women over 40 to live their best lives.” 

Uh oh. 

You watch your audience’s eyes glaze over because your introduction is so mind-bogglingly boring and generic that they stopped listening three words in and are now mentally reviewing their Netflix queue. It hits you once again that, instead of making that fantastic first impression as the thought leader you’re so ready to be, you’re coming across as “just another coach.” 

And so, despite all that work you are doing to be visible, you might as well be invisible.

But do you know what’s worse? How excruciatingly awful this feels. 

You’re insecure because you know how wrong this is coming off and how important it is. You know you’re sabotaging your marketing efforts. And now, you no longer want to pursue new opportunities. You’re stagnant.  

That’s why I created the Instant Impact Workshop. 

Instant Impact is an intimate & interactive workshop to create the unique and compelling introduction you must have as a thought leader. 

Spend just a couple of hours with me and dramatically upgrade your introduction for social media, speaking, publicity, and networking.

This is your chance to clearly, concisely, and confidently explain what you do so it speaks directly to the hearts (& wallets) of your truly ideal clients. Say goodbye forever to cringing, confusion and drowning in a sea of cookie-cutter coaches and consultants.

And say hello with a come-hither introduction that makes an instant impact.

With your new introduction in hand, you’ll feel uber-confident in what you’re saying. You’ll have the basics down (and love them!) allowing you to riff and make your introduction sound natural. 

This beautiful little piece of your messaging will also make all your current marketing efforts pay off and allow you to step into a higher level of visibility. You will be that confident and comfortable communicating your unique genius in any situation. 

Sounds like something you need, right? Well, it’s your lucky day. 

Because the Instant Impact Workshop is happening soon and I’d love to have you there. 

You’ll not only create an introduction that is WAY better than 99% of your market, but you’ll learn essential strategies that you can use to vastly improve all of your messaging.

But don’t take my word for it-check out the testimonials!

“When Wendy says this workshop is better than the last 3 things you’ve paid for, she delivers on that promise. I began changing my messaging everywhere and, within days, my introduction led to a client with my top tier offer! I’m connecting to my people! Finally! All because Wendy taught me a different approach. 

If you’re like me & you’ve tried everything else and not getting results, it’s this magic that is missing! The magic is in your message, and Wendy can help you nail it down starting with your introduction!” – MelAnn Morales, Identity Coach.  

What could you do with an introduction that makes an instant impact? Let’s find out!

Take your introduction from “just another coach” to thought leader! Join the Instant Impact Workshop, and we’ll do it together. 


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