Why I took Stove Top Stuffing to France (and what it means for you)

I was so excited. After missing Europe for ages, I was going to spend Christmas and New Year’s in Provence with a dear friend. 

She’d moved to Paris to start her PR business a few years before I moved to Madrid to launch my own. She had a picture perfect country house in the Luberon, smack dab in the middle of Peter Mayle country, and we’d share the holidays with some expats. 

And I was on fire with anticipation. 

Oh, the excitement of living in a foreign culture! (Seriously though, how quickly could I learn French?)

Oh, the charms of wine with every meal! (I mean, we can agree that Prosecco is a breakfast wine, right?)

And, oh, all that glorious food! Who knows what the French eat for the holidays, but whether it’s duck confit, boeuf bourguignon, or raclette,  I am HERE for it all. 

So you can understand my surprise when I received an email saying they’d decided on turkey for Christmas dinner. 

And, also, could I bring them a can of cranberry sauce and a box of Stove Top Stuffing, please?


Take Stove Top Stuffing to the land of bread?

Would the French arrest me at the border for culinary sacrilege? 

What’s even in that box? (I suspect dryer lint and mouse droppings.)

TBH, it’s just one meal, and since I’d already committed to the plan of eating my own weight in baguettes, all I needed for happiness was butter, pate, and maybe some tapenade.

But if they really wanted stuffing and cranberry sauce, I’ve made my own from scratch for YEARS. Wouldn’t they rather have the good stuff?

But I didn’t insist. And here’s why.

While I’ve got no doubt my homemade versions would be MUCH more delicious, I also knew they would ultimately disappoint.

Because that wasn’t what they wanted, which was food, with a heaping helping of nostalgia. 

My fresh cranberries with rosemary and shallots are just no competition for the familiar lines on the canned Ocean Spray.

They wanted a taste of home, a taste of their childhood. And that’s what they were asking me to bring. So I did.

So why am I sharing this charming tale with you?

Because believe it or not, there’s a messaging lesson for you in there. 

You may know exactly what your ideal client needs, but if it’s not what she WANTS-she’s not going to buy it. 

If you’re pushing your challah bread stuffing with chorizo and figs when she’s looking for Stove Top, guess what? You’re not making that sale.

If you want to make serious money as a coach or consultant, you’ve got to offer what they want, not what you think they need.

Happily, this is what I help my clients do.

And if you’d like a taste of THAT, well, today is your lucky day.

Because I’ll help you leap into the New Year correcting this and other messaging fails in the Instant Impact Workshop

Spend just a couple of hours with me and you’ll dramatically upgrade, not just your introduction, but all your messaging for 2024.

Sounds too good to miss, don’t you think? So don’t! Hold your spot for the Instant Impact Workshop right here. 

And you know what? Christmas dinner was actually delicious.


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