What are you waiting for?

Nine months.

Nine months! How do people wait that long for anything?

I have spent longer than I thought humanly survivable in a state of anticipation. Waiting and waiting.

No, not for a baby. Have you met me?

Waiting for my new website. Working, reworking, making every one of the thousands of tiny yet essential decisions that have to be made. At the same time, I’ve been busy as a bee, creating fantastic tools for you:

Instant Impact: the key to a compelling introduction

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Start Small, Start Now: Clients & Confidence in 30 Days

My self-guided course to start working with clients RIGHT AWAY. You can get clients signed up within the next couple of days, start working with them next week, and have results, testimonials, and SO MUCH MORE confidence in yourself just a few short weeks from now. Start Small, Start now here. 

And yet, I have held off on sharing any of this goodness with you. Because I wasn’t ready. I wanted to be fully prepared. Which, I guess, means having the most amazing email templates developed and 24 months of content written before I reveal anything. Which is nuts, right?

That stops here.

Because it’s paramount to actually go ahead and share my ideas with you, rather than wait on the perfectly polished vessel to deliver them in.

To practice what I preach.

To start before I’m ready.

People put a lot of emphasis on having all your ducks in a row and marching in exquisite precision before you let them out of the barnyard. And, while there’s logic to that, it can keep you from moving forward at all. You perfect in the shadows, keeping your genius hidden, never letting your brilliant creation see the light of day.

The truth is: you need to start before you’re ready.

All that planning and waiting to be ready can be a way of never actually starting anything. You can’t prepare for everything. You won’t even know what everything is until you start.


Whatever it is you are waiting on until it is perfectly, perfectly perfect, ask yourself: how can you start it right now? Even though you aren’t ready.

Let that genius idea of yours out into the world, where it can live, breathe, take wing.

Get out there with what you have right this very minute. And make it better in a month, in six months, in a year. No one’s going to hold it against you.

Trust me, they really won’t.

As for me, starting right now, I’m letting my ducks out.

I’m not waiting around.


Need help getting started? Let’s find a time to chat about your exact right next steps.



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