The Secret to Getting Clients with your Story

complimentary mini-course

If storytelling sells, why isn’t your story making you any sales, hhmmm?

Everyone’s telling you that you need a brand story-for podcasts, for speaking gigs, for that book you’re writing.

Everyone’s ALSO telling their stories wrong.

EIt’s not about bragging.

EIt’s not about being entertaining.

EIt’s not about having a tragic tale of woe (oh, the drama!).

It’s about showing your audience where they could go, who they could be, if only they hired you.

Bottom line: it’s about getting clients.

Otherwise, you’re telling your story wrong.

Want to tell yours right?

Introducing the Secret to Getting Clients with your Story.

In this concise & complimentary mini-course, you’ll learn the key to crafting a unique and powerful brand story that not only gets you attention, it gets you hired.

I’m spilling the tea about the #1 thing that everyone is getting wrong in their brand stories. Plus exactly what you need to do to always make sure you’re telling your story like a boss.

‘Cause your story is one of the most powerful client-getting tools on the planet.

 But you’ve got to tell it right.

Take your brand story from crickets to cha-ching.

In the Secret, you’ll learn:

E What a brand story is and where you need one
E How most people’s brand stories fail to connect with or convert ANYONE
E Why a brand story is essential to your messaging and positioning and CRITICAL to your thought leadership
E THE most common mistake entrepreneurs make with their copy (and how to fix it, of course)
E The key paradigm shift that will immediately upgrade, not just your brand story, but your whole brand message (you’re welcome!) so your ideal clients start paying you mind & paying you moolah.

The secret is simple, powerful, and will create a lasting impact.

E You get a face to face video training (or downloadable audio if you prefer to listen) plus a workbook to capture your breakthroughs and paradigm shifts.
EUntil now, this training has only been available to my Brand Stories that Convert clients.
E Give me just 30 minutes and I’ll give you a thrilling new approach that will change not only your brand story, but all of your messaging FOREVER.

Client-getting coach

Hola!I’m Wendy White, Messaging & Client Attraction Strategist for extraordinary entrepreneurs.

I teach coaches & consultants, ready to be thought leaders, to master a unique, confident, client-winning message.

Because most are unclear, confusing, and sound just like everyone else, so they’re not rising above the noise.

I help them confidently communicate what they do and why it matters so their sales & marketing impacts a greater audience and brings in their truly ideal clients quickly and simply.

I am not a storytelling coach. I’m a client-getting coach.

Because, if you want your brand story to actually get you hired, it’s not enough to just tell a good story.

You need it to carry a powerful, persuasive message that speaks directly to the heart (& wallet) of your ideal client.

And that right there? That’s my specialty. Which works out well, don’cha think?

‘Cause you don’t need another creative writing project. You need clients.

Learn the secret to a story that speaks directly to their hearts & wallets.

You know you want to!