The real reason your messaging is failing you (that nobody is talking about)

Do you want to know the real reason your messaging is failing you?

In the last year, I’ve seen a lot of people starting to talk about messaging-which I love because it’s THE thing that will make all your sales & marketing pay off. But here’s what I don’t love: a lot of the people (nearly all, TBH) are getting messaging wrong. 

Here’s what everyone’s getting wrong: they don’t really understand what messaging IS.

I talk to coaches & consultants all the time who know that messaging is THE problem. They’re not clearly, confidently communicating what they do and why it matters and until they do, none of that visibility they’re slogging away on-from social media, to networking, to speaking, to publicity, is going to work.

And they tell me about all the things they’ve done to try to come up with better words to reach their audience. They’ve hired a copywriter or social media manager. They’ve taken courses in copywriting and content strategy. But, despite all that investment of time & money, their messaging is still unclear, confusing, and sounds just like everyone else. 

Want to know why?

The problem with 99% of people’s messaging isn’t the words-it’s that they don’t know what they want to say with those words.

Messaging is not just about clever copy and content. Absolutely, those are part of it, but developing your message is deeper and starts before those. 

The first step of messaging is gaining real clarity about what you want to say, who you want to say it to, and why it matters. That clarity is the foundation of your message-you need to nail that before you can write effective copy & content. 

That’s why most people struggle with their messaging-because they’re missing that foundation.  

This is not a new issue. When I started helping clients with their messaging in 2014, I quickly realized that the reason they weren’t clear to the world was that they weren’t clear to themselves. And I see that same issue today. 

This is also not just a newbie issue-so many people at different stages of their business have this. Maybe you were once clear, but your business has evolved away from that. Or maybe you were never really all that clear.

That clarity is the most important element of your messaging-the one that makes everything else easy. And it’s the one that everyone in the market is skipping over. Which is why all the copy and content courses have left you feeling confused and insecure AND your messaging is still not converting quickly and simply.

This is the real reason your messaging is failing you-and you know it’s true. 

You’re just not clear enough about your ideal client to be able to tell them what they want to hear. You don’t really know what problem they urgently want to solve. You’re not totally sure about the transformation they’re seeking-those results and benefits they want. 

And you’re not clear about your own unique position in the market. You haven’t nailed down what you stand for, what you stand against, and your point of view. And as a result, you cannot tell people why should hire you over everyone else.

Bottom line: YOU’RE not clear about this, so it’s impossible to be clear to the world.

That’s why the first thing we do in Extraordinary Impact® is to create this essential foundation for your messaging.

We develop that deep, confident clarity about your purpose and your positioning, your ideal client and what they want to hear from you. 

Once you have that clarity, THEN you can write fantastic copy & content. When you have that, the words become easy & obvious. They sound unique, they sound like you, and most of all, they WORK.

But until you have that, you will struggle. Without this, your messaging, ALL your sales & marketing communications will continue to fail you, no matter how much you invest in visibility.

So, the question is: what are you going to do about it?

You can keep hoping that investing time & money in better words is going to somehow fix the fact that you are monumentally unclear about what you want to say, who you want to say it to, and why they should care. 

Or you can start addressing the real reason your messaging is failing you and move gaining clarity to the top of your priority list. (Hint: this is the right choice.)

I’ll give you three ways to get started on this today:

ONE: Join my world by subscribing to my email list below and to my Youtube channel. I’m not only sharing new content all the time, but there are tons of episodes on how to clarify your mission and connect with your market.

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Let’s do this thing! 


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