The one thing you must do to make money as a coach or consultant

What’s the one thing you must do to make money as a coach or consultant?

Sounds like something you need to know, right? 

‘Cause, here’s the straight poop. If you’re not making money, you don’t really have a business. You have a ridiculously expensive hobby, amiright? 

See, coaches and consultants have a harder time than creatives making a decent income. And it all comes down to one thing. 

It’s not about your talent. It’s about your message. 

Nail this and you’re halfway home. Skip over it, and, well, struggles ensue. 

The one thing you absolutely must do in order to make money as a coach or consultant is to solve a problem. 

One of the first things I ask potential clients is this: What is the problem you solve? 

And many reply “I don’t think of my business that way.” But you need to. Why? Because people pay to find solutions to their problems. 

When you try to sell something like upleveling or empowerment, you’re going to find the results lacking. No one recognizes that as something they both want and need. And you need them to do this! 

The reason it’s harder for coaches than creatives to sell their services is because it’s not clear what you get for the money. 

When you hire a website designer, copywriter, or FB ads expert, it’s very clear what you’ll be getting. But with a coach… What do you get? What’s the thing you’re investing in? You wouldn’t pay someone $1,000 if you didn’t know what you were getting, right? 

But, unfortunately, that’s what so many coaches are asking people to do. And so, people aren’t hiring them. 

You make it clear what your clients are getting by calling out a problem they solve and saying you have the solution.   

This means that you need to think about sales and marketing differently. 

No matter what kind of coach you are, no matter what your actual services are, there’s only one thing you should be selling.

Hint: It’s not about your service, your credentials, or hours of your time. No one cares about your service, knows what your credentials mean to them, or wants to spend hours with you. 

What your prospects want is a bridge between where they are and where they desperately want to go. 

So that’s what you need to be selling: a transformation from point A to point B. 

And the more clear and specific you can make that transformation, the difference between A & B, the more obvious the value will be. 

For example, I, Wendy, can help you stop being unclear, sounding like everyone else in the market and hearing nothing but crickets, and start landing clients with a unique, confident, and compelling message. 

Pretty specific and easy to value, right? 

Compare that to the common model of “come pay me $100 an hour and we will generally work towards a vague betterness.” It’s leaps and bounds better, right? Here’s the problem with the typical mode of thinking: 

What does “better” look like? You don’t know. 

When are you going to get there? You don’t know. 

How much is it going to cost to get there? You. Don’t. Know. 

Is this a good investment? Um… No?  

You don’t want to leave all of these questions open in your client’s mind. No, you want to answer them. 

And the way to do that is to make sure you’re selling a transformation from one place to another. 

Bottom line: if you want to make money as a coach or consultant, you need to solve a problem.

Instead of offering vague generalities like unstuck or next level, make your offer clear by calling out a problem and saying you have the solution.

Instead of offering clients your service, your credentials, or hours of your time, make your value obvious by selling a clear and specific transformation.

So,  I’d love to know: what is the problem YOU solve? What’s the transformation you’re offering? Let me know in the comments below. Are you making it crystal clear to your potential clients what they get when they hire you? If not, find out how you can get my help with that here. 


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