The Instant Impact Challenge

Compelling introductions for coaches & consultants

September 12th-16th

Wouldn’t you love to stop introducing yourself as “just another coach”?

Instant Impact is my free, live, 5 day challenge to create the unique & compelling introduction
you must have as a thought leader.

This is your chance to clearly, concisely & confidently explain what you do so that
it speaks directly to the hearts (& wallets) of your truly ideal clients.

Say goodbye forever to cringing, confusion & drowning in a sea of cookie cutter coaches & consultants.

And say hello with a come-hither introduction that makes an instant impact.

September 12th-16th @ 9:00am LA / 12:00pm NYC / 5:00pm London








This challenge is different, in that it actually helps put ££££ on your business plan. With most challenges by day 2 I step out because my time is too valuable to waste it on some intangible challenge. 5 days with Wendy for FREE was the most valuable use of my time in a long time.

Maria Alvarez

Stress Burnout Coach, Time to Up

Join the live strategy sessions every day to learn:

EDAY 1: The secret to immediately fixing not just your introduction, but your whole brand message. (You’re welcome!)

EDAY 2: The truth about why all those fill-in-the-blank formulas fail you and how to fix this so you can always tell your audience exactly what they want to hear.

EDAY 3: The disastrous mistake causing your ideal client to tune you out and how to hook her attention right away so she recognizes that she needs you.

EDAY 4: The key copy choices that instantly create curiosity, credibility & differentiation so you can confidently introduce yourself in any situation.

EDAY 5: The one critical step that all successful entrepreneurs swear by and how you can use this to profit from your introduction immediately.

Make an instant impact with your introduction.

Join THE free, live, 5 day challenge!

Consider my mind BLOWN. I’ve paid good money for courses that didn’t help me come close to the breakthroughs I’ve enjoyed during this challenge. Wendy has a gift!.

Susan Murray

Holistic Coach, Thrive Beyond Holistic Coaching

Hola!I’m Wendy White, Messaging Strategist for extraordinary entrepreneurs.

I teach coaches & consultants, ready to be thought leaders, to master a unique, confident, client-winning message.

Because most are unclear, confusing, and sound just like everyone else, so they’re not rising above the noise.

I help them confidently communicate what they do and why it matters so their sales & marketing impacts a greater audience and brings in their truly ideal clients quickly and simply.

So they can pull away from the pack of cookie cutter entrepreneurs and make an extraordinary impact® on the world.

Success Stories

I have no words to tell you how amazing this workshop has been for me.

I am a ex -corporate / brand marketing manager who spent decades dealing with brands and messages, and this is BY FAR the best approach I have ever seen. You break it down to the smallest bit and trim down all the fat, nonsense and confusion.

Thank you so much – I have referred all my friends who are involved in running or launching businesses to set everything aside and do this work.

You truly are life-changing.

Rita Rusu
I have rethought my ENTIRE approach to communications and sales based on what I have learned from Wendy this week!

We all have a transformational story that we tell ourselves and others about why we do what we do, but we’re not always aware about how EXACTLY to monetize that story into the well-crafted cornerstone of your branding identity collateral that will 100% convince and sell others to follow us in this journey. THAT is the surgically precise perspective and focus that Wendy White is able to deliver!

If she had charged $100s or even $1000s for this workshop, it would be worth every penny – hands down! I left my coach because Wendy got results for me on DAY ONE!!! She showed me what a real coach could be!

Sheila Keilty
Mind-Body Wellness Coach, Optimal Health Reboot
If you want more amazing clients, stop what you’re doing and sign up for this challenge. Right now.

Listen. My business has more than quadrupled since working with Wendy White just by implementing what she’s taught me.

I’ve been in business for 13+ years and I’ve worked with all sorts of business coaches and marketing experts to help me grow my business. Many of whom were really quite good. But NOTHING COMPARES to the impact of Wendy’s genius.

She will teach you how to get to the heart of YOUR MESSAGE in a way that nobody else teaches. AND she shows you how to put your message in front of the clients you most want to work with.

I sincerely cannot recommend her work highly enough. I just finished my day one homework & I’m blown away by what I just wrote! I feel like Wendy just “Mr. Miyagi’d“ me!

Jennie Mustafa-Julock
Inner Critic Expert, Coach Jennie

Stop introducing yourself as “just another coach.”

Start making an instant impact as a thought leader.