The 5 biggest message mistakes that coaches & consultants make (& how to fix them)

Do you know the biggest mistakes that purpose-driven coaches & consultants make with their message?

Sounds like something you need to know, amiright?

Mastering a unique brand message can be tricky. There are so many ways that people get this wrong.

And to be honest, all of the gurus are not helping. They’re making this way too hard and way too complicated, which is why this is such a struggle, and why your message isn’t working to elevate you and connect you to your audience the way you want.

But, I approach creating your message completely differently and there are some simple ways to make sure that you get this right. That’s what I specialize in, breaking down the complex into simple, doable steps that you, yes, you can master.

So, I’m going to walk you through the five biggest message mistakes that purpose-driven coaches and consultants make and how you can fix them.

Mistake #1: not prioritizing your unique brand message from day one of your business.

Everyone jumps directly to creating all the marketing things. They’re working on the website, the social media strategy, the publicity, the emails, videos, quizzes, and challenges.

But here’s the thing: every kind of marketing out there is just a TOOL to get your message out. If you don’t have your unique message clear as crystal, none of that marketing is going to work.

You have been let down by all of the fluffpreneurs and shiny object marketeers. But, putting out lots of content and constantly working to game the algorithm is not going to make up for the fact that you don’t really know what you want to say and who you want to say it to.

The good news is that nailing your brand message will make all of that sales and marketing that you’ve been slogging away on actually pay off. It’s the thing that will allow you to impact a grander audience and bring in your truly ideal clients quickly & simply. And, as a bonus, it’s going to give you the confidence to do both.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Your fix: prioritize creating your unique brand message right now. Whether you’re just starting out or 10 years in, this needs to be at the very top of your to-do list, if you want to become a thought leader.

So, how do you create your unique brand message?

I promised you simple and step by step, so let me introduce you to the Extraordinary Impact Equation. This is my four-step formula to create a message that makes an extraordinary impact: Mission + Market + Messaging + Momentum.

This is going to make sure that you are approaching your unique brand message in the simplest and quickest way. This underlies everything I do, from my challenges to my workshops, and of course, Extraordinary Impact® , my live group coaching program. And it’s why my clients get such ridiculous results.

So, let’s talk about what everyone else is getting so very wrong here and how you can get it oh-so-right by avoiding these giant message mistakes.

Mistake #2: not starting with your mission.

There are far too many “experts” who are advising purpose-driven coaches and consultants to find a market with a need and build a business based on that. They tell you to focus on what the market wants to buy without first taking into account what you’re here on the planet to do.

This is how you end up building a business that doesn’t fulfill you because it was not created with your purpose at its heart. As a bonus, this is also how you end up with a message that’s generic and sounds just like everyone else out there in the market. So, no wonder you’re not standing out.

But your mission is where your message starts. It’s essential if you want to create not just a business, but a brand. It’s how you differentiate yourself. It’s how you rise above the noise. It’s how you show your audience that you’re the leader they’re seeking.

Your fix: clarify your mission to center your business and carve out that unique market position that you need as a thought leader.

Mistake #3: not truly connecting with your market.

Many coaches and consultants recognize how important it is to focus on their mission. But, then they stop right there and they skip by the need to deeply understand their target market.

If you’re not tuned in to who your ideal client is, quite specifically, you will not reach them. In fact, you’ll be talking right by them. This is how you end up as a best kept secret and not making either the impact or the income you want.

Your fix: connect with your market by honing in on your truly ideal clients and what they want to hear, because this is where you convince your audience to buy whatever you’re selling.

Mistake #4: not creating compelling messaging.

Practically everyone in the market is failing at writing copy that converts because they’re simply creating it the wrong way. They leap directly to trying to write copy without knowing what they want it to say. And until you know what you want to say, all those fun, punchy words say nothing to nobody because they’re based on nothing.

The Extraordinary Impact Equation is in this order for a reason: Mission + Market and then Messaging. You need to have nailed your mission (what you want to say) and your target market (who they are and what they want to hear). And then we can copyify these concepts, then we can create truly compelling messaging.

Your fix: craft come-hither messaging by combining your mission and your market into a clear and compelling offer.

Mistake #5: not creating momentum.

Too many gurus make crafting your message and getting it in front of the right people so complicated and overwhelming that it simply halts you in your tracks. They drown you in giant creative writing projects that live and die in Google Drive. Even worse, they insist that you must create a horrifying Rube Goldberg marketing machine of doom.

You know, what’s better? Getting your message created and implemented as-soon-as-humanly-possible so it can influence a greater audience and bring in those truly ideal clients today, not someday.

Your fix: Create momentum by getting your unique brand message out into the world quickly and simply so that you can start making your extraordinary impact now.

Don’t fall victim to these five giant messaging mistakes that purpose-driven coaches & consultants make.

Prioritize your unique brand message from day one of your business. And make sure you are creating it the right way with my Extraordinary Impact Equation: Mission + Market + Messaging + Momentum. Do this and you’ll finally rise above the noise of all the cookie cutter entrepreneurs so you can start making the impact and income you crave.

Want my help with that? Book a Consult call to talk about how we can improve your messaging and make all that marketing pay off in Extraordinary Impact®.


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