The #1 way to quintuple your income in the next twenty minutes while you sleep

Admit It. You’ve been tempted by those promises of big money online.

This program can take you from zero to six figures in three months while you sleep.

That course will teach you how to double your income in the next twenty minutes.

(Not that you will, but it will teach you how you could in an alternate reality in which you are actually somebody completely different.)

We become fascinated by it. Holy crap! I could DO that? Oh my god, I could DO that!

She wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true.

It wouldn’t be written on the internet if it weren’t true.

Look at all those people who are following her. She MUST really be able to do this.

Tell me how! Give it to me! Yes! I will pay to learn the secrets-TAKE ALL MY MONEY RIGHT NOW, DAMMIT!!!!!!!! Or maybe that’s just me.

But then, something happens. It’s not JUST the realization that, as per PT Barnum, there’s a sucker born every minute and if it’s too good to be true, it probably really is.

It’s not just because the claims are dubious, specious, laughable, and the source behind them three planets west of credible.

It’s that, after the heady, buzzy fantasy of earning vast sums of money has burned its delicious way through our bloodstreams, and the high has worn off, we are left with a pounding head and a nasty taste in our mouths, swearing that is the last time we will ever EVER imbibe that much.

Now, I know that’s not just me.

We feel disillusioned and disgusted with these prophets of huge profits and slightly dirty for having been taken in by them.

And I know why.

Because they are worshiping the same goals that we have spurned.

We have rejected the concept that money is the yardstick by which we or anyone else measures our lives.  

We have renounced the prevailing wisdom that a title, employment at a specific company, or the accumulation of a mammoth pile of stuff indicates our value on the planet.

And we definitely don’t believe that our level of wealth creates our level of glee.

We did NOT start down the precarious path of self-employment seeking more money from our work.

We’re seeking more meaning from our work.  

We want ownership over our days and the freedom to direct our futures.

To craft exceptional lives deliberately, alive with curiosity and discovery, courage and inspiration, rich and novel experiences, working however and wherever in the world we want.

To laugh more, play more, learn more, love more.

But, most of all, we have something important to say.

Something that we wish someone had told us years ago.

Something that will change lives for the better, and, maybe even the world, if we can just build a big enough megaphone.

That is why we will work harder at this than we have ever worked at anything before.

Why we will spend twelve hours a day at our desks wrestling with an issue and keeping puzzling it out long after our heads have hit the pillow.

Why we don’t resent the long hours, the stress, or even the annoying tasks (hello accounting).

It’s why we tolerate friends and family who think (and frequently tell us) that this is an impractical and irresponsible phase we will grow out of.

We fight our solitary way through fear, self-doubt, and loneliness to emerge stronger, smarter, and more determined on the other side.

Not because of money, but because of meaning. And that motivates us in a way that mere money never could.

Of course, we don’t spurn the idea of a profitable business. We’re not idiots.

But money is the means.  It isn’t the goal.  It never was.

We have traded up from money to meaning.

This is what we have sought. And this is what we have found.

So to those who try entice us with ridiculous fantasies of an eighteen figure lifestyle….

It’s simply not going to work anymore.

Your tales of ludicrous money are not just unbelievable but unappetizing.

You’re chasing the same old same old we left behind ages ago.

We have big dreams and important goals and no time to waste with this malarkey. Not even for a second.

‘Cause you know what? We are better than that.

This why I created Extraordinary Impact. So you can get reconnected to the drive behind your business and make the impact you want.  Once you latch onto WHY you are doing this, that will power you forward in a way that mere money never could.


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