Success Stories

You knocked it out of the park on your challenge yesterday. This stuff is life changing!

I practiced the intro on the phone, and it came out confident! I posted it in a group, someone immediately joined my group.

Messaging is everything. Your challenge reminded me of this. But the way you teach it..It feels so simple, and congruent.

I got so much value out of this event. What you taught was powerful stuff, it really does increase confidence and consequently it must certainly impact sales.

Thanks for an event that WAS indeed more valuable than the last 3 things I paid for! You are amazing!

Paola Zanibelli
Holistic Feline Nutrition & Behaviour Specialist
Just used the output I created on Day 1 on a sales call!

She just said – “that describes me exactly”….. think i’ve described my niche at last!!!xxxx

Heather Barrie
You only entered my world a week ago and I definitely will never be the same. Thank you.

What surprised me the most is you didn’t over promise. You were 100% right and I got what you said you would deliver.

Your structure is different than I have seen elsewhere. This has been so clear and makes so much more sense.

So happy to see it working already and with how far I have come after so much wandering around in the desert for many years. I am grateful.

Andrea Grigsby
Business Mentor for Massage Therapists
I now have an intro that makes ears prick up and starts conversations thanks to Wendy White.

Each day of the challenge you will take away a completed step to creating an intro that will make you stand out from the crowd and be memorable… What’s not to love?

Can’t recommend her no-fluff approach highly enough!

Sharon Eden
The Wild Elder
Pretty powerful stuff you’re teaching!

I practiced my introduction from your challenge for the first time at a networking event yesterday. From that I secured a spread in a local magazine, an interview on a local TV station, a workshop AND a keynote address at a wellness conference!!

Michelle Tubman, MD
Weight Loss Coach
If you are interested in developing a highly effective, short, and precise introduction for networking or social media – I highly recommend Wendy’s free five day challenge!

It is fun, educational, and you WILL have your intro completed and ready to roll out at your next event!!!

Mardi Winder-Adams
Divorce Coach
WOW! Thank you for this powerful challenge. I have learned more about my message than I ever have from personal coaching, even after many months and ££££.

I’ve been really blown away by the value you have given to this. You have such a different style and really shine in your work. More people should be taking a course with you instead of all of this noise on the internet.

You really are one of a kind, know your stuff, and I just love your energy. I wish I found you sooner! 🙂

Libbie Walsh
Narcissistic Trauma Informed Recovery Specialist
This week has me so unbelievably motivated, it’s crazy!

It’s making me stop, clear the mind-clutter, and truly think about what in the world it is that I do for others.

Leah Veazey
Career Pathway Coach
You walk away from this challenge with the exact thing you were hoping for- a freakin’ awesome introduction for yourself.

Too many challenges only give you the what and the why and leave you hanging on the how. Not this one. This challenge actually helps you create an introduction.

Jillian Dressel
This is an amazing workshop! You’ll be amazed at the brilliance Wendy White can draw out of you.

It really helped me tighten up my messaging. She helps you look at yourself and what you do in a whole new way!

She breaks it down into easily doable chunks. She explains why the “typical” way keeps us small and unseen. And did I mention she is awesome to work with?

If you are a coach, sign up for this challenge! Such a fabulous experience! 

Donna Anderson Doyon Gilbert
Spiritual Coach
Wendy’s challenge transformed the way I introduce my business.

I finished the week with my introduction elevated beyond recognition. I have come away with an introduction that is far more about my clients, and far more likely to attract new ones! Excited to accelerate my business growth further!

Becky Colwell
Sales Coach
I’m so grateful for the introduction I have now and LOVE being able to say it so easily and brilliantly.

There is so much more to this challenge than your introduction. You will gain insight into your business that can help you expand your thoughts about it. I know it spurred new ideas and ways of doing things.

Trust me, you need this! We all do. Clarity is an overused word and yet it is simply true that that is what Wendy and her challenges bring to you.

Wendy is amazing so run, don’t walk to sign up!

Audrey Acton
Curiosity Coach
Start Small, Start Now gave me the confidence to uncover exactly what I am capable of as a business coach.

I wanted to teach travel agents but didn’t know how I wanted to do that. Plus I did not know how to put what I do into words without confusion.

With Start Small, Start Now, I was able to narrow down an offer, get it out there and it brought in 12 new paying clients, 6 of whom then joined my group coaching monthly membership. I have narrowed down my messaging and become comfortable with what I teach and who it is for. And, to date, it’s brought me 10x my investment in the course.

You cannot see progress in your business by just planning. We have to jump in and go!

Dana Zificsak
Travel Agent Educator
I’ve taken half a dozen women through my 1:1 programme so far and it’s teaching me who I want to work with and how I want to tweak my offering.

I had an idea of how I wanted to help people, but was stuck going in circles in my head. I didn’t have confidence it would work and I never would because I wasn’t putting it out there because I didn’t have confidence. This chicken and egg situation was extremely frustrating and I couldn’t see a way out.

I put out an offer in a way that didn’t put pressure on me to make it perfect. I did the smallest, simplest version I could and was honest with people that this was new. And people responded!

It was scary but also elating, finally taking action. It feels so good to be actually ‘playing with the people’ as Wendy puts it rather than theorising ‘in the bat cave’.

Rachel Goth
Creative Mindset Mentor
Wendy White and Start Small, Start Now have been fantastic for me and my business.

I have been in the bat cave, “working” on launching my business for months upon months too afraid to take the leap and start working with actual clients. Following her step by step process I was able to move out of my comfort zone and create an actual small offer that was do-able for me and desirable for my clients.

It has been a MASSIVE increase in my confidence and I now feel like I have officially started my business. I have 10 people who are excited to work with me and I have 5 calls booked in next week. I am SO HAPPY I did it, because I now have an offer I can build on.

Confidence comes from taking action, and action comes from starting SMALL and starting NOW!

Sharon Brooks
Spiritual Teacher
Working with Wendy has truly been immediately transformative. I left my coach because Wendy got results for me on DAY ONE!!! She showed me what a real coach could be!

We all have a transformational story that we tell ourselves and others about why we do what we do.

But we’re not always aware about how EXACTLY to monetize that story into the well-crafted cornerstone of your branding identity collateral that will 100% convince and sell others to follow us in this journey.

THAT is the surgically precise perspective and focus that Wendy White is able to deliver!

Just in the last week I have had a major presentation and 2 podcast interviews where I had to talk about myself and, thanks to the work that I’ve done with Wendy – starting day 1 in the seminar, I now am able to speak with authenticity and clarity about myself in a way that I have never been able to before.

And I have closed over $10k in new clients in just the last week because of it!!

Sheila Keilty
Mind-Body Transformation Coach, Optimal Health Reboot
Wendy, I just want to say a huge thank you for this challenge.

It’s still having a profound effect. I’m viewing every aspect of me & my businesses from a totally different perspective. I’m actually owning me and shouting about it.

Hurrah & about time too!

Lesley Anne Jones
Director at Amber Property Wealth Management Ltd
Your content is so wonderfully clear & concise.

My Irish Gift of Gab doesn’t always serve me well. It’s almost painful when I have to cut out words. But your lessons are teaching through my overly, word saturated mind-fog. Most appreciative.

Maripat Quinn
Cultural Strategist
This was the first challenge to really give the “how” not just the “why”.

The first to ever get me to show up every single day AND do the workbook (which is content rich).

Wendy truly gives and serves up real content that should be behind a paywall, she is the real deal!!!

Claudia Edwards
This was the first challenge that was motivating and content-rich enough to get me to prioritize it, show up and do the work!

I could see the benefits of Wendy’s methods immediately as she helped me begin to clarify a business vision that celebrates my unique gifts and passion. I feel like I have a fresh start now and am in a great place to dive deep, make plans and start implementing a business plan that is fun and exciting to me!

Amy Chinitz
Spark Joy New York
I’ve loved this challenge, it really was the best thing I’ve done!

I’ve learnt how to connect with my target audience and who they are in more depth. I also looked more deeply into why I’m doing what I’m doing and the story behind that and how to communicate it clearly. Wendy is the real deal and a great teacher. I will absolutely be back to sign up for the next extraordinary impact.

Emma Geraghty
This has helped more than anything else I’ve paid for in the last 5 years!
Sandra Grace
WNC Woman
I have no words to tell you how amazing this workshop has been for me.

I am a ex-corporate/brand marketing manager who spent decades dealing with brands and messages, and this is BY FAR the best approach I have ever seen.

You break it down to the smallest bit and trim down all the fat, nonsense and confusion.

Thank you so much – I have referred all my friends who are involved in running or launching businesses to set everything aside and do this work.

You truly are life-changing.

Rita Rusu
Start Small, Start Now is truly a breath of fresh air in the busy, overcrowded market that is online business coaching.

I wish I’d heard about Wendy sooner in my attempts to create a health coaching business. I’d bought into all the guru hype – I turned myself inside out trying to create the giant system that they recommended. I was getting further and further away from doing what I loved – coaching people to be healthier. I came close to giving up entirely.

This deceptively simple program was a life raft for me. I’m so excited to start coaching actual people again.

Nora Lynch
Registered Dietician & Wellcoach
Start Small, Start Now is the best investment I have ever made!

Within hours of sharing my offer, I had 2 clients scheduled.  Within a week, I had started working with my very first client-which was amazing and validated that THIS is what I am supposed to do.

This method takes less effort and the only cost was the course itself.  Thank you Wendy!

Erika Matushewsky Krauthauser
Certified Mindfulness Practitioner
WHOA! Somebody pinch me!

Within seconds, I had 1 person say she was in, and within another 2 minutes another had contacted me. Within 24 hours, I had 10 confirmed appointments with an additional 6 people given spots but not yet scheduled. And, I had a waiting list of 20 (this keeps growing…) I was going to post to LinkedIn, too, but I might be all booked up!!

I love you Wendy! Thank you for this “push” – or rather permission – to Start Small, Start Now!!!!!

This has been a remarkable experience. I had no idea…Woot Woot!

Karen Cox
Business Consultant
Think cha-ching when you think Extraordinary Impact. It’s an incredible client winning centric program.

It has connected me with my clients in a way that I never have connected before and resulted in massive wins.  Two high-ticket clients signed up to my brand new programme last week. I have a further two ‘hot’ prospects sitting on the fence where I’m continuing to send them juicy copy that keeps pouring out of me these days.

What’s exploded my business in every direction is talking to my client straight to the heart in a way that I never have before. My voice is now loud, clear, emotional, pragmatic and funny, plus I understand my clients at a DNA level and know exactly how to pull the strings in their hearts so that they feel an instant trust and connection with me and what I do.

DON’T consider it, JUST do it. Would you really walk away from hearing more cha-chings in your bank account?

Maria Alvarez
Stress Burnout Coach, Time to Up
Working with Wendy quadrupled my business. This is the best investment I have ever made and I’ve been at this for 17 years.

I’ve surrounded myself with brilliant people, but I’ve never, EVER found someone who gets me, challenges me, and teaches me so effectively!

We completely rebooted my business. She helped me nail my message, gain confidence in talking about what I do, (with a bio that sounds leagues better than the one I’ve had copywriters write for me), promote my services without feeling like a douchebag, and create my signature coaching program (which has been profitable for 3 years straight now).

I’m no longer just cobbling together a business with scotch tape and hope  I have a core message and really strong, very simple, pithy, thoughtful ways to hook somebody’s attention in a world full of cookie cutter coaches saying the same damn things.

It will be the best investment you will make, bar none.

Jennie Mustafa-Julock
Productivity Expert, Coach Jennie
Extraordinary impact is the best money I have spent in a long time. It would be a bargain at double the price.

This is a results based program, focused on implementation. You will create a large volume of really thoughtful game-changing conversion copy that you will be confident sounds like your voice.

So when somebody reads your website, meets you in person, or hears you on a live, it’s gonna sound like you-no copy cats here. They’re going to know that you’re unique and have something truly compelling that matters.

So instead of blending in with everybody else, you’re really going to stand out.

Amanda Wagner
Speaker & Fame Strategist, The Amanda Wagner
Do you want to finally have the words for that thing that only you can bring to the world?

Because that’s what you’re going to get. Wendy gets your story down, she gets your heart. She will take it into her heart and hold you true to your vision.

Let Wendy bring your vision, your message, bring YOU to the world so you can monetize it and start living the life of your dreams.

Penni Wild
Communications Coach
Wendy, you are amazing. I am amazed at the value, time, and heart you poured into our community (and for free!).

I loved attending your lives, how you organized the logical-progression of lessons in the Units area of the FB Group, and how well you have designed your FB Group to draw in your audience, get real value in a stacked way, synthesize it during the lives, and how it progressed day by day.

I could NOT pass up the opportunity to continue working with Wendy (it’s like having a direct line to the abundant teacher-universe!) AND to be among the brilliant, purpose-driven women! I’m soooo in!

Julie-Francis Noble
If you want more amazing clients, stop what you’re doing and sign up for this. Right now.

Listen. My business has more than quadrupled since working with Wendy White just by implementing what she’s taught me.

I’ve been in business for 17 years and I’ve worked with all sorts of business coaches and marketing experts to help me grow my business. But NOTHING COMPARES to the impact of Wendy’s genius.

She will teach you how to get to the heart of YOUR MESSAGE in a way that nobody else teaches. AND she shows you how to put your message in front of the clients you most want to work with.

I sincerely cannot recommend her work highly enough. I just finished my day one homework & I’m blown away by what I wrote! I feel like Wendy just “Mr. Miyagi’d“ me!

Jennie Mustafa-Julock
Productivity Expert, Coach Jennie
Wendy, this has been an amazing process you pulled me through!

I have learned so much and can’t wait for using it within my business. Thank you so much!

Patty Reichert
Travel Planner, Just Beachy Travels
I love the clarity and the connections with others happening in the group.

The homework last night was right on-free writing that became clarified and we will get feedback from Wendy. That is amazing just from less than 48 hours into the challenge.

Where will we go from here? The moon or beyond?

Lisa Boyles
Artist of Life
I’m fired up and am so excited for what’s coming!

To have had such an intense “ah-ha” moment on day one is incredibly powerful.

Amanda Wagner
Speaker/Strategist/Podcaster, The Amanda Wagner
This is THE BEST Challenge I have ever done with a business coach. THE BEST!

I didn’t realize how deep I would be diving into my story and how I would first be connecting the dots for myself so I can do it for my peeps.

Michele Stans
Professor of Manifestology
Amazing! You can use this right away in your business to create visibility and client attraction, the right way.

This might be my first ever implement right away challenge. Wendy White is a terrific host. She keeps everything clear so you can understand right away, without ever talking down to you. The connections and support are out of this world too.

Everything was so clear and came together naturally at the end. Everything flowed for me. My story flowed for me.

It really helps you confidently know yourself and your business.

Roni Walker
I am BLOWN AWAY by my a-ha moments. It’s exactly the message I want to convey. I feel empowered to help and so amazingly clear!

Developing and refining my brand story has given me undeniable courage. I now have the confidence to launch a course that has been moldering in my files for months.

Not only is my message crystal clear, but clarifying who and why I help has also resulted in fine-tuning how I help and show up for others.

And the amazing thing is: I can’t wait to get out there and do what I’m meant to do!

If you’ve been spinning your wheels using ineffective narrative in your biz copy, you can get expert guidance creating copy that sells.

Susan Murray
Holistic Coach, Thrive Beyond Holistic Coaching
Thank you Wendy for this opportunity to be a part of this incredible challenge.

It’s certainly one of the better challenges I’ve been a part of, and the pace was awesome.

It was also packed with a wealth of invaluable information, along with a wealth of your wisdom you shared with all of us.

KellyRae Brown
Mindset Coach
I must say, this has been the best challenge I’ve ever participated in.

It gave me so many ideas and great guidance to arrive at better clarity. Clarity is the first step to mastery.

Thank you, Wendy, you are an inspiration!

Anna Simpson
Confidence Coach and Motivational Speaker
This challenge will change the way you think about brand stories.

I’ve struggled for years to identify my ideal client and to craft appealing copy that would convert to sales.

I took Wendy’s Brand Stories That Convert challenge and BAM! I had a portrait of my ideal client, including how and why I help them AND had fun creating it.

The wonderful Wendy White is generous with her support and feedback and creates a community that encourages the same from participants. She makes you stretch your thinking (who knew the phrase “So what?” could be so powerful), and makes sure the party is never dull.

I highly recommend taking this challenge! You get Wendy’s brilliance and you get to hang out with an amazing group of people for free!

Alexandra Murdoch Uth
Editor, Loomis & Lyman, Inc.
This Brand Stories That Convert Challenge has been igniting my copywriting in a way few other methods have succeeded.

Wendy White has framed a fun, fast-paced, no-fluff place to work on the words that create connection with the people I most want to serve.

As a copywriter, it’s been most exciting to learn new ways tighten up my message… while watching others get closer to stories that sell.

If this is the pink spoon sample of your program, you’re making me crave the triple scoop version.

Collette Gaskin-Gutierrez
This was an amazing challenge.

I gained clarity, confidence and direction on how to go about putting together my brand story which will help me in coming up with other copy.

I had struggled for so long to put this together and your format was so helpful to do that.

I truly appreciate you and look forward to working with you soon!

Elisa Antonia Negroni
Authenticity and Vulnerability Coach
Wendy, this has, far and away, been THE best challenge I have ever done over the course of my long entrepreneurial adventure!

The scope of information (incredible!), the support(!), the enthusiasm, the energy (yours especially!) and your presence most of all, have made this a huge success for me. You have given away lessons that many would pay $$$ for.

I can only imagine how deep and business boosting your Extraordinary Impact will be. Thank you!

Audrey Acton
Journey Strategist
I had a mindblowing experience with Wendy White.

On Monday, Wendy launched the Brand Stories that Convert Challenge and I jumped on board. Five days in a row, along with a select group of passionate business owners, I have been nailing down my Brand Story based on Wendy’s blueprint.

I learned:

  • What makes a powerful brand story that converts
  • How to structure the brand story
  • What mistakes + BS stuff to avoid

I love Wendy’s authentic and professional way of approaching things. Very straight forward, no fluff and super inspiring.

Irina Iurcisin
Learning how to create engaging and profitable content with Wendy was the most valuable use of my time in a long time.

I’ve worked with copywriters before and they’ve edited my work, rather than taught me how to craft content.

I now have a story that hangs together well, that genuinely represents how I can help my clients and that gives them a sincere promise. Win, Win, Win!!

If this is what you deliver as a masterclass, then I’m ready to get blown away further once Extraordinary Impact begins.

Maria Alvarez
Stress Burnout Coach, Time to Up
Wendy truly delivered.

She imparted invaluable wisdom that helped me clarify my mission and message. Her step-by-step method to create an authentic and unique brand story is genius.

I’ve now published my brand story in 4 different places and can’t wait to shout it from the rooftops!

Thank you Wendy for such a powerful, productive and enjoyable experience!

Maria Hilliard
Womens Wellness Coach
After only two calls, I knew hiring Wendy was my best decision EVER.

She listens loudly at an incredible speed. I’ve never seen anything like it. She hears things before I even say them and also listens for what I don’t say to connect the dots.

Wendy is a true professional who has real biz experience and really cares about her clients’ success. She asks the right questions and knows what to do with the responses. And her advice was always tailored to my specific business.

I now have 3 clients and have 2 more already signed up for my next round in April. I’m still in disbelief.

Kathya Bustamante
Eco-Biz Strategist
Working with Wendy was an amazing experience. She’s incredibly professional and knowledgeable, but she’s also your best cheerleader (and ass kicker if you slack off!).

Every time we had a call, I felt energised and so much more confident. She always brought me back to the simplest and fastest way to get out there.

If you’re hesitating, don’t wait. You’ll make the money back because you’ll be able to confidently market your message.

Karrie Stringer
Business Coach
Extraordinary Impact is one of a kind and powerful. Wendy brought out wisdom that I didn’t even know I had.

She is an awesome coach who is coaching in her zone of genius! Her expertise was evident at every coaching call and in what we created together-which I can go back to over and over again. It has staying power.

I wish I had found her two years ago. The work we’ve done was nothing like I’ve done before and my business has never felt as good as it does now.

Nukhet Hendricks
Women’s Leadership Coach, She Leads Fearlessly
In two months, I got further with building my client base than I did in the two years since I started my practice.

If you’ve ever thought, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll do all that later, after I’ve gotten my business up and running,” STOP. Call Wendy and DO. IT. NOW.

Liza Baker
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Simply Health Coaching
Wendy is the coach you need after you’ve tried all the other bright, shiny trainings.

She strips away all the bells and whistles and sparklies, and gets down to the essence of what it takes to have a successful coaching business. She does this while always being in your corner, with a dollop of warmth, humor, and generosity.

Maria Granovsky. Ph.D, J. D
Content Writer & Consultant, Swimming Otter
Wendy FAR exceeded my expectations, holding me to account to deliver the absolute best I could.

I got through an obstacle that had been keeping me from success since I began my coaching practice, confidently raised my rates, and got new clients, before we were even done!

Paula Rolands
Integrative Health Coach
Every training or coaching I’ve done for 20+ years has been fluffy and superficial compared to Extraordinary Impact.

Stop wasting time on bells and whistles and other people’s ideas about what makes a good business. You need this, because your clients need you to have this.

Lishui Springford
Self-Healing Guide, MindTree Health
Wendy’s wit, her ability to cut through bullshit, and her skill to ask the right questions make her a powerhouse.

She listens to you, trusts you as the expert in your own life and she couldn’t be more supportive. If you’re struggling with your business, just do it. I promise you won’t regret it.

Meg Kissack
Creator, That Hummingbird Life & The Couragemakers Podcast
I would definitely recommend this to anybody wanting to transition to something else in their business but no idea what or how.

Wendy has a no bullshit approach, but she carries it off with kindness, compassion and humour! She has laser focus and a sharp mind. She is committed to you getting the results you want.

I now know what I am uniquely qualified to offer my ideal clients and why it is so attractive to them, and that has made a big difference in my confidence.

Julie Marah
Wife Coach
If you are struggling with communicating about your business or honing in on the work you actually want to be doing, Wendy is your go-to expert.

Wendy is whip-smart. She is not your typical business coach. Expect to be challenged, held accountable, and to receive honest and direct feedback into your blind spots as well as your strengths.

For the first time my messaging and marketing match the work that I am doing. So, writing and communicating about the work I do with clients feel effortless and fun.

Jessie Kuehn
Feminine Wellness Expert & Leadership Mentor, Radiant Roots Coaching
Wow, where to begin. Clarity. Drive. Passion. Now, I have the drive and passion to go anywhere. I know I am doing what I am meant to do.

If you are having trouble finding your direction, are feeling stuck, can’t seem to do anything but busy work in your business when you KNOW you need to get stuff done, Wendy will help you find the clarity missing from your business and life. You can go from staring blankly at your computer screen to action plans and actually working your business with passion, clarity and excitement.

Audrey Groeschel
Founder, Goddess at the Grindstone
If you are ready to strengthen the foundation of your business and the core of who you are, then definitely say yes to working with Wendy.

Working with Wendy is an absolute gift! She works with such ease and fun and grace, it’s a total joy to do the work you require to get the results you desire.

Sally Mercedes
Mentor & Intuitive Business Visionary, Unmuted Expression
Wendy has a way of getting through whatever’s in the way and getting you on your way to clarity.

She asks great questions and makes clear distinctions that help you get your own answers. She’s encouraging and supportive and gives 100 + 10% to you as her client.

Christine Meyer
Wendy White - Messaging strategist for coaches & consultants

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