Start Small, Start Now

Clients, clarity & confidence in 30 days

What if you could start getting clients for your business right now?

Stop toiling away in the bat cave for months & months (& months) on the endless, agonizing marketing…

And start actually doing the coaching or consulting work you began your own business to do?

Not next month, not next week, but right this damn minute?

Spoiler alert: you can.

What if you could start getting clients for your business right now?

Stop toiling away in the bat cave for months & months (& months) on the endless, agonizing marketing…

And start actually doing the coaching or consulting work you began your own business to do?

Not next month, not next week, but right this damn minute?

Spoiler alert: you can.

Does this ring any bells for you?

You’ve invested so much time and money in entrepreneurial education that you’re horrifyingly halfway to a PhD in building massive marketing machines.

You’ve stockpiled so many courses and programs that you haven’t had time to even open them, let alone implement. But, hey, they might be useful one day, right?

And you’re currently head down, buried in your burrow, perfecting the Rube Goldberg sales funnel that they promise will bring you all the clients in the world!!!

Someday. Hopefully. Maybe.

Clear, simple genius. Start Small, Start Now feels like a new lease on life. Wendy made me remember that my business is actually helping people – not spending month after month trying to keep up with social media changes and the latest and greatest marketing strategies. My first thought, after learning her simple yet powerful strategy, was, “Why didn’t someone tell me I could do that? I WANT to do that!”

Nora Lynch

Registered Dietician & Wellcoach

Here’s the straight poop:

They’ve told you that, to build your business, you absolutely, positively must:

Invest tons of time & money creating ginormous courses, programs & signature services.

And then, invest even more time & money creating a massive marketing machine in order to sell said ginormous courses, programs & signature services.

Guess what? They’re wrong (and deep down, I bet you know this too).

Because after 18 (or 36 or 48) months of their preposterous plan all you’ve got are sprawling creative writing projects and a mountain of bills.

But what you still don’t have? Clients.


Let’s fix that. Let’s fix that right now.

How would you like to…

Stop the marketing madness & start working with clients?

Stop investing in ALL the things that will theoretically pay off one day & start doing the ONE thing that will make you money so you can then invest in your business?

Stop waiting for someday & make your business happen NOW?

Let’s do that, shall we?

Start Small, Start Now is a self-guided course to get clients, clarity & confidence in just 30 days.

Using my proven process for simpler, smarter client-getting, you’ll create everything you need to work with clients right away.

Because client-getting is the lifeblood of your business.
If you don’t have enough clients coming in, it’s not a business, it’s a ridiculously expensive hobby.

 Stop waiting for someday. Start getting clients right away.

Success Stories

WHOA! Somebody pinch me!

Within seconds, I had 1 person say she was in, and within another 2 minutes another had contacted me. Within 24 hours, I had 10 confirmed appointments with an additional 6 people given spots but not yet scheduled. And, I had a waiting list of 20 (this keeps growing…) I was going to post to LinkedIn, too, but I might be all booked up!!

I love you Wendy! Thank you for this “push” – or rather permission – to Start Small, Start Now!!!!!

This has been a remarkable experience. I had no idea…Woot Woot!

Karen Cox
Business Consultant
Start Small, Start Now is the best investment I have ever made!

Within hours of sharing my offer, I had 2 clients scheduled.  Within a week, I had started working with my very first client-which was amazing and validated that THIS is what I am supposed to do.

This method takes less effort and the only cost was the course itself.  Thank you Wendy!

Erika Matushewsky Krauthauser
Certified Mindfulness Practitioner
Start Small, Start Now is truly a breath of fresh air in the busy, overcrowded market that is online business coaching.

I wish I’d heard about Wendy sooner in my attempts to create a health coaching business. I’d bought into all the guru hype – I turned myself inside out trying to create the giant system that they recommended. I was getting further and further away from doing what I loved – coaching people to be healthier. I came close to giving up entirely.

This deceptively simple program was a life raft for me. I’m so excited to start coaching actual people again.

Nora Lynch
Registered Dietician & Wellcoach

Here’s why simpler, smarter client-getting is genius:

With Start Small, Start Now, you can:

ECreate a starter service that sells,
EGet a volume of clients signed up within the next few days,
EAnd start working with them by next week.

And, in no time at all, you’ll have:

EResults & testimonials,
ETons of clarity about your clients, your process, your systems & your direction,
EOceans of confidence in your skills, your offer & yourself,
ENot to mention: money, honey!

Bottom line: if you’re OVER waiting for it all to work out someday, somehow, you need to Start Small, Start Now!
Wendy White’s path to an extraordinary life of adventure & impact

This is perfect for your business if:

You’re just starting out. You’ve got a good idea of the work you’d like to do, but you haven’t tried it yet on real, live humans.

You’ve been working on making your mark for a few years now. But all that effort hasn’t come together to really make it rain.

You’re an experienced professional. You’ve seen lots of success, and now want to take your business in a different direction with a new focus, niche, or offerings…but how?

Start Small, Start Now allows you to:

EConfidently pick your niche for a new business/new direction the right way.
EValidate your offer (for real) so that you know they will actually buy it.
EGet comfortable with charging for your work (no more endlessly giving away your talents for free).
EDevelop a repeatable process so that you can create signature services, group programs & courses.
ECreate the confidence you need to be able to actually sell your services.
EGive your audience a service that’s easy to say yes to so you can then upsell them into your larger offer.
ECreate a quick injection of cash whenever you need it.

Above all, you can stop making everything so complicated and start making sales quickly & simply!

I published my Start Small, Start Now offer and filled all 5 spots in 2 days! The best part is 4 of the 5 are completely new to me. This is the first time I went out with a solid, simple offer. It’s pretty cool that it’s reeled in completely new-to-me clients!

Norma Frahn

Certified Life & Weight Coach

Ready to Start Small, Start Now?

You’ll get my proven process for clients, clarity & confidence in 30 days:

ECreate a starter service that’s easy to sell, that you can offer right away.
EGet a volume of clients immediately without wasting time or money on mindless marketing.
EAcquire the skills, processes & real world data essential for your program development, messaging & marketing.
EProfit from the experience to take smarter steps forward, building your empire with simpler client-getting.

You’ll walk away with:

Clarity, confidence & a smarter client-getting strategy for quicker, simpler sales that you can use for the life of your business.

So you can stop waiting for someday and start getting clients right away.

Doesn’t that sound like a perfect plan?

All this for just $298.

I launched my New Year’s Reading with Start Small, Start Now a week ago and have booked 12 people so far! My goal for that reading was 10, so YAY!!! It’s opened my eyes to what I like doing better, given me ideas to tweak my offers and how to widen my audience. 

Michele Stans

Professor of Manifestology

This is a time tested process my clients & I have returned to repeatedly for ten years.

My clients have used Start Small, Start Now to:

EGet clients for a new business or a new direction in an existing business.
ECraft signature services, courses, and programs.
ECreate bridge services to high ticket programs, courses, and signature services.
ERe-ignite relationships with previous clients with a quick win that gets them wanting (& buying) more.
EProfit from buying seasons like Black Friday, end of year & New Year’s frenzy.

 this is how I started my own business in 2014.

And, a year later, I used this exact same process to create Extraordinary Impact, first as a 1:1 signature service, and then as a group coaching program to master the unique, confident, client-winning message you must have as a thought leader.

Success Stories

Start Small, Start Now gave me the confidence to uncover exactly what I am capable of as a business coach.

I wanted to teach travel agents but didn’t know how I wanted to do that. Plus I did not know how to put what I do into words without confusion.

With Start Small, Start Now, I was able to narrow down an offer, get it out there and it brought in 12 new paying clients, 6 of whom then joined my group coaching monthly membership. I have narrowed down my messaging and become comfortable with what I teach and who it is for. And, to date, it’s brought me 10x my investment in the course.

You cannot see progress in your business by just planning. We have to jump in and go!

Dana Zificsak
Travel Agent Educator
I’ve taken half a dozen women through my 1:1 programme so far and it’s teaching me who I want to work with and how I want to tweak my offering.

I had an idea of how I wanted to help people, but was stuck going in circles in my head. I didn’t have confidence it would work and I never would because I wasn’t putting it out there because I didn’t have confidence. This chicken and egg situation was extremely frustrating and I couldn’t see a way out.

I put out an offer in a way that didn’t put pressure on me to make it perfect. I did the smallest, simplest version I could and was honest with people that this was new. And people responded!

It was scary but also elating, finally taking action. It feels so good to be actually ‘playing with the people’ as Wendy puts it rather than theorising ‘in the bat cave’.

Rachel Goth
Creative Mindset Mentor
Wendy White and Start Small, Start Now have been fantastic for me and my business.

I have been in the bat cave, “working” on launching my business for months upon months too afraid to take the leap and start working with actual clients. Following her step by step process I was able to move out of my comfort zone and create an actual small offer that was do-able for me and desirable for my clients.

It has been a MASSIVE increase in my confidence and I now feel like I have officially started my business. I have 10 people who are excited to work with me and I have 5 calls booked in next week. I am SO HAPPY I did it, because I now have an offer I can build on.

Confidence comes from taking action, and action comes from starting SMALL and starting NOW!

Sharon Brooks
Spiritual Teacher

This solves practically every client-getting problem in your business.

With Start Small, Start Now, you will:

Confidently pick your niche for a new business or a new direction the right way.

You’re a smart cookie. So you understand how absolutely key nailing your niche is to your client-getting.

‘Cause until you are absolutely rock solid on who your ideal client is and what you want to do for her, no amount of fancy pants marketing can help you.

Maybe you’re completely new to your profession. Or maybe you’re taking your biz in a new direction.

But either way, your dilemma is the same: how do you know which niche is the right niche?

How do you confidently choose so you don’t waste tons of money, time, and energy heading in the wrong direction?

It’s not by sitting and theorizing about it. ‘Cause you can guess all day long and still be wrong.

It’s also not by looking at what everyone else in your market is doing. ‘Cause you are not going to create your dream business by copying someone else’s.

The best way to confidently pick your niche is by actually getting out and working with people to see how you like it.

You need to take all your best ideas & theories and try them out on real, live humans ASAP. THIS is how you’ll discover who you want to work with (and who you really, REALLY don’t).

THIS is how you’ll figure out what you actually want to focus on (and what you want to run the HELL away from)!

Quickly and easily create services that get your clients fantastic results.

Let me guess…you’ve invested so much time and money in your entrepreneurial education that you’ve practically got a PhD in course creation and program design. You’ve stockpiled all the courses and programs to help you create your course or program.

And you’ve spent the last 18 months head down, toiling in the bat cave, creating the absolute, ultimate, comprehensive & profound end to end solution that will completely transform the lives or businesses of your ideal clients.

But as much as you love what you’re crafting, after eons of hard work and dedication, all you’ve got to show is a sprawling creative writing project and a mountain of bills.

Here’s the straight poop: one of the biggest mistakes that keeps coaches & consultants poor is spending tons of time building elaborate, complicated courses and services.

They not only take forever-and-a-day to build. And, when you FINALLY do take this behemoth to market-what happens? You make no sales because nobody actually WANTS this thing, and you don’t have the confidence that you need to be able to sell it.

Or you do sell it, but it turns into a nightmare because:

  • You’re unsure if it will work or, even worse, discover that it doesn’t work, and you have to redo everything (or let your clients fail). So much for your reputation!
  • You realize that your theory about what you wanted to do is (gasp!) wrong and you hate everything. But at that point, you have to keep at it ‘cause you’ve invested so much time and money in it. So much for the business of your dreams!
  • All of the above.

Not only does all this do terrible things for your business, every bit of complexity in your services makes it harder for your clients to get results.

Your clients don’t want complication, they want a simple, doable solution. Being overwhelmed is the #1 reason people give up on programs and courses they’ve invested in. They don’t get results=>you don’t get testimonials, referrals, or a fantastic reputation in the market. SIGH.

This is not your fault. There are a bazillion people online selling that giant & complicated is ideal for your business. And the reason so many are selling different takes on this is that none of them work.

But we do need to fix this. Here’s what to do instead. Stop building a giant complicated monster of a thing that’s keeping you from the clients and the cha-ching.

Start working with clients right now with a simple, starter service that will make both of you super successful.

Validate your service (for real) so you know they will actually buy it.

How do you figure out if that brilliant idea you’ve fallen in love with is actually worth pursuing?

If they’ll buy it? If they’ll be able to do the work? If they’ll get the results you want?

In other words, how do you find out if this will actually work BEFORE you spend an unmentionable amount of time creating, marketing & selling it?

Well, you could ask all your biz BFFS what they think. This is ALWAYS a terrible idea. This is NOT grown-up market research. And, spoiler alert-they’ll love it. While it may feel delightful right now, it will end in tears, I promise.

You could go research what your competitors are selling. But you started your biz to be a leader, to stake out your own high ground, share your unique message, and help your clients in a way that no one else COULD.

You don’t really want to become a cheap knockoff, do you? The 900,000th person selling the exact same thing, the exact same way, and then wondering why client-getting is so hard in such a crowded market?

Or, you could look at what your prospects say they want to buy. Read the whole internet and ask them endless survey Qs till you’re blue in the face.

And, sadly, you can still get this completely wrong. ‘Cause there is a huge disconnect between what people say they would pay for (in theory) and what they will ACTUALLY invest in.

So, how to solve this dilemma? Get your idea out there. Right now. Get it out in the smallest, soonest, simplest, quickest way you possibly can.

Get all the answers to the questions you have with real world data from real, live clients. THIS is how you’ll learn everything you need to validate your service. FOR REAL.

Get comfortable with charging for your work (no more giving away your genius for less than it's worth).

Are you endlessly giving away your talents because asking for money scares you and/or skeeves you out? This is a huge hurdle for too many entrepreneurs in the first few years of their businesses.

You’re quite comfortable contributing your help for free, but really struggle to charge for it.

But if you’re NOT charging for your help, it’s not a really a business, is it? But you know this already, don’t you? So, what to do?

Well, we can talk through ALL the reasons you need to ask for money. And you may even agree-and STILL feel absolutely unable to slap a premium price tag on anything.

Or you could go to one of the bazillion Money Mindset coaches and dissect your money block issues till the cows come home. And you’ll STILL be stuck (and poor).

But you know what’s even better than talking about it? Actually, doing it.

Start trading value for value-but in a super low risk way (unlike that ginormous offer they’ve been unsuccessfully pushing you to sell).

Once you step over this hurdle in a small, unscary way, you’ll be able to quickly move forward to comfortably asking for (& getting) large sums of money for your offers.

Stop building a marketing machine so you can start getting clients right away.

Is this you? You started your business to work with people. And the first thing you learned was that instead of doing THAT, what you needed to do instead was create marketing.

And more marketing. Leading to more marketing. Topped off by a heaping spoonful of marketing.

  • You need to blog and livestream and podcast.
  • You need to build an email list, a website, and a Facebook group to entertain the masses.
  • You need to master videos and challenges and quizzes and emails and advertising.
  • You need to publish a book, you need to get speaking gigs, you need to get featured in the media.
  • And in all your free time you need to conquer Facebook and YouTube and Instagram and LinkedIn and Twitter and Pinterest. And now TikTok.

So, I bet that you’re running around like a crazy thing and working your sweet patootie off on all the attention-getting. But getting attention is not the same as getting hired.

And here’s my question for you: is anyone actually hiring you?

Wouldn’t you like to just stop? To step away from your marketing machine of doom and step up to actually doing the work you started your business to do? You can. In fact, you have to.

Because one of the biggest things keeping coaches & consultants from being successful is that they’re spending all their time building massive marketing machines.

 I get it. They’ve convinced you that to get clients you need the thing connected to the thing connected to the thing. You need the social media post connected to the quiz to the email sequence to the challenge to the webinar and someday in 2028, you’re going to actually make them an offer to work with you.

Well, I’m here to tell you that they’re wrong. And deep down, you know this-because this is not working.

So how do you fix this? Easy peasy: step away from marketing machine of doom and put out a simple offer. Put it out in the easiest, cheapest, quickest way right this damn minute. You don’t need to make prospects run a terrifying & ridiculous gauntlet of marketing. And you don’t need to build anything else, trust me.

Don’t spend one more minute working on the marketing that has taken over your life. Let’s get you out and working with clients, doing the thing you actually started your business to do. RIGHT NOW.

Create the confidence you need to be able to sell your services.

If you don’t have confidence, there is no way you’ll make sales. If you don’t have confidence, there is no way you’ll make even make offers.

And without offers and sales, what you have there, chica, isn’t a business. It’s a big unprofitable pile of marketing.

Truth time: trying to think your way into being confident isn’t working. Talking to friends, colleagues & coaches about being confident ISN’T working.

The best way to actually become confident is to prove to yourself that you can help people as much as you think you can.

Before you can make THEM believe, you, chica, need to be believer #1. How? By actually helping them.

The best thing you can do for your confidence, your skillset & your bottom line is to get out there and work with clients right away. So you can stop theorizing, strategizing & spinning in self-doubt and start gaining confidence in your skills, your offer & yourself.

So, you can stand securely, happily, confidently in front of your perfect person and say: I know I can help you. Take my hand and come with me. And she will.

Make it easy for your prospects to say yes to your larger offers.

Having problems getting prospects to buy your signature service, program, or course? Let me guess…

You know EXACTLY what your ideal clients need. So, you’ve spent eons creating the absolutely perfect solution. It takes six months of deep, committed work (as everything meaningful does). It costs a bucket load of cash (as well it should). And you’re tickled pink and rooster proud that your genius offering will change their lives or businesses forever.

But sadly, no one is buying it. Let’s fix that, shall we?

Stop trying to convince prospects to immediately say yes to something that requires a large investment of time & money (& trust). Start giving them something smaller that it’s easy to say yes to now.

This is your bridge offer to start building that know, like, and trust factor with them so they will buy your larger offer. Once you have helped them take the first few steps, they will know you can take them all the way.

Develop the repeatable process you need to create signature services, group programs & courses.

Maybe you’re working with one on one clients on an hourly basis and want to develop a signature service instead of dealing with all the things. Maybe you know you’d really rather work with groups in programs or courses than one on one.

You cannot do any of that unless you first have a proven, repeatable process.

Here’s what happens if you skip over this crucial step. You’ll invest a ton of time & money into creating your service/program/course and then another ton of time and money to promote it.

A service/ program/course that doesn’t yet work, in which you have no confidence, for which you have no social proof, and no real client insights for either your messaging or your marketing.

Your results? Zero sales.

Or, if you’re lucky enough to actually get clients, you’ll spend the whole time:

  • White knuckling it ‘cause you don’t really know what you’re doing (and you can’t let them know),
  • Furiously tearing down everything you’ve created and rebuilding it as you realize that what you thought would work, in fact, does NOT,
  •  Living in fear of that moment you get flooded with emails saying: this isn’t working the way you said it would, I want a refund!

SIGH. Stop investing a ton of time and money creating and promoting based on a hope, a prayer, and a whole heap of guesswork.

Start developing a repeatable process by taking lots of clients through a simple, starter service. This is the quickest, easiest way to prove that your methods, your skills, and your plan really are as good as you hope they are.

Once you have that, you can rapidly develop signature services, programs & courses that will not only work, but they will also SELL.

Case Studies

Just starting out: freed from marketing, she found courage and confidence doing the work she loved.

Karrie Stringer was a new coach spinning her wheels in the online marketing world.

Start Small, Start Now gave her the courage to actually leap into action. She put her offer out, got loads of responses immediately, and began working with five clients within the week.

“It’s amazing. I’m moving forward after being stalled! I’m getting a plan together and working on my business rather than pretending. I am now confident that I can actually help people. Plus, I have proved that I can make connections over the internet.”

Karrie Stringer
Business Coach
Experienced professional: she stopped planning for someday and started getting clients immediately.

Tasha Erickson was a pet professional wanting to work online with clients on dog behaviors and relationships. But, stuck perfecting her long game, she was theorizing about courses, audiences, and alliances.

Start Small, Start Now gave her a plan to identify her niche, create a service she was excited about, and begin working with clients right away.

She got her offer out in two days, took on clients, and within a week had created raving fans of her new online practice. Plus, she got the confidence and clarity to create a real, money making business.

Tasha Erickson
Pawsitive Care
Ready to focus: she jumpstarted her practice even after other methods had failed her.

Kathya Bustamante had started her business before, but, taking time for family had derailed her. She wanted to kick off her eco-friendly strategy practice, but posting free and reduced price offers had gone nowhere.

Start Small, Start Now provided a step-by-step method to hit the ground running. More concise and easier than other methods she had tried, it produced immediate results.

Within days, she had twenty-two people interested which led to nine clients. She’s gotten clear on their needs and wants, so she can attract new clients easily. She’s moving full steam ahead and loving how it’s going.

Kathya Bustamante
Eco-Biz Strategist

Got Qs? I’ve got you!

Here are the common concerns that keep coaches and consultants stagnant & stuck:

What if I am just starting out and don’t have a giant audience online?

You do not need that for this to work. The first time that many of my clients and I used this process was at the very start of our businesses. We used this before we had large email lists, FB groups, and tons of connections on all the platforms. This process is what allowed us to build our first audiences-by working with people.


But I have put out starter offers before (including free offers) and got crickets. How will this help?

My process, while simple, isn’t THAT simple. It’s not about putting out a cheap or free offer. It’s about putting out a starter offer in the right way so that it’s easy to say yes to. I teach you exactly how to do that. And that’s not all, I also show you how to run your offer and acquire the skills, processes & real world data you need for brilliant biz development of your empire.

How will this help me develop signature services as well as group programs and courses?

Maybe you’re working with 1:1 clients on an hourly basis and want to develop a signature service instead of dealing with ALL the things. Maybe you know you’d really rather work with groups in programs or courses than 1:1.

Here’s the straight poop: you cannot do ANY of that without an established process. And Start Small, Start Now is the quickest, easiest way to prove your methods and develop that repeatable process that you can trust. Once you have that, you can create a 1:1 signature service as well as group programs and courses.

But, I want to start selling giant programs ASAP.

I hear you. And this is the fastest way to get there. By developing everything you need to do that.

Your alternative? Is to invest a ton of time & money in creating a giant thing and then ANOTHER ton of time & money marketing to promote that thing. A thing that doesn’t yet work, in which you don’t have any confidence, for which you have no social proof, and no real client insights for either your messaging or your marketing.

The results: zero sales or, if you’re lucky enough to get sales, you’ll spend the whole time white knuckling it cause you don’t really know what you’re doing (and you can’t let them know).

This is a proven process my clients and I have used with great success for YEARS. Trust it.

What about all the other things I need to create like a landing page, an email sequence, etc?

I know, after AGES of being told you need to build a massive marketing machine, your instinct is to do the same here. You’re going to want to create the ginormous Rube Goldberg machine of a social media post to a quiz to an email sequence to a challenge, and, someday, eventually, to your offer. Resist the temptation.

You don’t need to create ANY of that to do this-that is the point of Start Small, Start Now. That you need very little to get started. Yes, you CAN make this more complicated and add in other things later. But don’t make this harder on yourself now.

I tried putting out a starter offer before and I got clients, but they were terrible. How will this help?

You know that I am all about not just client-getting, but working with truly ideal clients. That’s why I teach you how to set yourself up for success in this process. We set up procedures and boundaries that will form the foundation of your brilliant business so you can take the next steps and do the work you love while also making bank.

How will this help with my high ticket service/course/program that no one is buying?

Having problems getting cold prospects into your signature program, service or course? Stop trying to convince them to immediately say yes to something that requires a large investment of time or money. Start giving them something that it’s easy to say yes to.

This is your bridge offer to start building that know, like, and trust factor with them so they will buy your larger offer. Once you have helped them take the first few steps, they will know you can take them all the way.

Will this work for me?

This has worked for 100% of the people who have followed my simple, yet powerful process. It has not worked for the people who have listened and thought, “that’s nice, but first I need to…procrastinate more. A LOT more.” You tell me: which is you?

NB: this process is proven successful for service based businesses. If you are pushing products as your primary jam, this is not for you.

Turn your ridiculously expensive hobby into a profitable business.

Stop the meaningless marketing madness.

Stop trying to start ginormous and launch NEVER.