Ready…set…don’t go! No, seriously.

It’s that time, isn’t it?

When the clean slate of the New Year and all the thrilling possibility of what could be, is calling you to shake off the stagnation, the stuck, the spinning, and to leap, LEAP, I tell you, into action.

And you’re heeding the call! Heading off full speed, making lists, organizing everything in sight, investing in classes and programs, advertising and social media marketing, masterminds and challenges.

Even if you’re not totally, COMPLETELY clear on where exactly you’re heading, it feels so damn good to be in motion, doesn’t it?

It’s exciting.

It’s invigorating.

It’s a terrible idea.

Everyone is so frantically focused on creating forward movement that no one seems to notice that we are going in circles.

We simply can’t be bothered to stop, take a breath, and figure out exactly where we want to go. You know, so we understand why we are doing any of this, so that any of it actually makes sense.

We are so damn impatient. We want to get there NOW, even though we don’t yet have a clearly defined picture of what “there” looks like.

The #1, biggest quandary I hear over and over again is: I just don’t know what I should do next in my business. And I always ask: well, what are you trying to accomplish?

At which point, I generally hear crickets. Or a bazillion explanations of all the things that are keeping them so very, very frenzied and overwhelmed.

But, actual goals? Thin on the ground.

Cue all the terrible things that result from this:

If you’re not clear on what you want and why you are doing any of this, you’re going to waste tons of time and money on the wrong stuff. It’s way too easy to get bamboozled by all the things you could do, what everyone says you should do, and try ALL of them, preferably simultaneously, for maximum ineffectiveness.

This is how you end up with a business that is simply not the business you want-working on the wrong things with the wrong people, resenting the hell out of them, wanting to run away and never look back.

This is why everything can start to feel like frustrating, pointless busy work. (Because it is.)

Worst of all, if you’re not clear on where you want your business to take you?

You probably won’t get there.

Let’s see…you could pick a destination, chart a course, and take deliberate steps in the right direction or…wander around for ages and hope you hit the target. (Hhhmmmm…I think I know which one I’d choose.)

Truth time:

When you don’t know where you want to go, no compass on earth can help you.

When you do know where you want your business to take you, creating a map is just not that hard.

The path is clear. All your decisions become easy. The right choice becomes obvious.

This is essential when you are in transition, when you are changing the way you work, whom you work with, and how.

This is why the very first thing we do in Extraordinary Impact is to make sure you are solid on this-that you know where you want to go, so that you build a business that will actually take you there.

And, you would not believe how many people want to skip this step. Because, after having spent a fafillion dollars and EONS of time on programs and courses and all the ninja-rockstar-gurus, it’s just not possible that they’re running themselves in circles, is it?

But, when I stand over them with my riding crop (no, no that’s really not the way I coach…maybe…) and ask them to humor me and answer my annoying questions, they cannot believe how valuable this is to getting everything on track and allowing their businesses to finally take off.

And, if you’re honest with yourself, when you look back at last year (and possibly the one before), you know just how much time, money, and energy you’ve wasted on things that didn’t take you anywhere at all.

Because, without knowing what you really want from it, all that business building is based on nothing. And it will reward you commensurately.

So, while I totally appreciate and adore you for your newly acquired get up and go, I want to sternly lovingly supportively caution you against running off half-cocked. (Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’m actually recommending running off full-cocked. Talk about a bad visual.)

But, I AM recommending you take time this week to sit yourself down, look yourself squarely in the eye, and ask yourself: what do you really want from your business?

Yes, I KNOW you don’t want to do this. And, yes, I know that you may think that you already know. Trust me, you don’t. Or your business wouldn’t be this much of a frenzied, overwhelming cluster-struggle.

Don’t just look before you leap. Make sure you know why on earth you’re leaping in the first place.


Want to make THIS the year you stop wasting time on all the wrong stuff and start making an extraordinary impact with your unique message? Come find out how we can make that happen.


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