Are you a profit center or a cost center?

In every single business, in the the history of history, there are just two kinds of jobs.

Those considered profit centers because they bring in more gorgeous filthy lucre than they cost the company.

And those considered cost centers which, no matter how actually important to the business, are seen as a drain on the company’s giant pot of gold.

I’ll let you take one wild guess as to which of these is a more secure job to have.

That’s right. When times are tight, no one looks to cut down the profit centers. The cost centers, however, are expendable as hell. And this is a problem if you have one of those jobs.

This is a problem for you as well.

Because if your clients see you as a cost center, you are, sadly, utterly dispensable.

Easy to fire, easy not to hire in the first place.

You need your clients to see you as a profit center.

You don’t have to claim to make them money per se, but they need to know that your work profits them way more than it costs them.

This is about perception and it is entirely in your hands.

I know how valuable your work is, but if your clients don’t see it that way, you are easily disposed of.

TRAVELER’S TIP: Look at how you communicate the benefits of your work to your clients. Is it staggeringly clear to them that your value far outweighs your cost? If not, make it so. One easy place to start? Your sales page-before you tell them how much it costs to work with you, make sure they know how much it costs not to.


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