No one is paying attention to you

I know it feels like they are.

When you create your website. When you publish your first blog posts. When you choose the name of your business.

It feels like a whole heap of people are watching you. Judging you.

Noticing when you make a mistake, when you course correct, when you change your fonts, your title, your offers, your hair color.

They’re really not.

I don’t say this to make you feel bad. I say this to make you feel free.

Free of the need to get it all perfectly perfect before you offer your unique genius to the world.

I’m not saying that getting your offer into the best shape possible isn’t important.

But, you won’t know what gets the best results for your clients until you actually try it out on real live humans. It is in the doing that you learn all the things.

You cannot plan everything ahead of time. You won’t even know what everything is until you are in the middle of it.

And I’m not saying that marketing and presentation aren’t important. Far from it.

But I am saying you have to go deep into creating something before you know how to package it.

And, you can stop yourself from ever doing that by waiting until you have that packaging perfect.

You don’t need to set impossibly high standards for yourself when you are starting out. What you do need is just to start.

This is freedom. This is your permission slip. To experiment. To play. To get it wrong fifteen times on the way to getting it oh so very right.

So, how many preparations would I suggest making before launching your website/blog post/solo transatlantic flight? As few as humanely possible.

Dance like no one is watching you. Seriously.

TRAVELER’S TIP: Get it out there. Get it out there NOW. No one is watching you that closely. But if you create something spectacular, they just may start. Need some help with this in YOUR biz? Hit me up.


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