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Instant Impact guide

Is your introduction client-blocking you?

Instant Impact is my cheeky & complimentary step-by-step guide to creating a compelling introduction. This is your chance to say goodbye to cringing, confusion, and drowning in a sea of cookie cutter coaches & consultants. And say hello with a come-hither introduction that speaks directly to their hearts & wallets.

‘Cause they’re NEVER going to hire you if you can’t tell them what you do.

 Today, I’m letting you in on
a real world business secret that
the shiny object marketeers & fluffpreneurs won’t tell you.

I bet you’re running around trying a million things to get those ideal clients to show up in droves.

Blogging, live streaming, podcasting, and being super-duper helpful in 7328 Facebook groups.

You’re stockpiling ALL the marketing courses and dashing from platform to platform like they’re giving away cake.

And the awful truth?


Want to know why?

If you’re struggling to get hired by enough of those ideal clients, you NEED to watch this video because I’m going to tell you exactly why all that marketing you’re investing your money, your energy, your LIFE in, is a giant waste.

And what you need to do instead. (‘Cause, I’m not a monster.)

Sound good to you? Excellent. Let’s watch it!

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Eager to make your extraordinary impact on the world?

KISMET! That’s exactly what I help you do.

Extraordinary Impact® is my group coaching program to master the unique, confident, client-winning
brand message you must have to pull away from the pack as a thought leader.

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