My #1 tip to get your audience’s attention immediately

Let me guess: you’re in all the places trying to get their attention.

You’re posting & engaging on social media. You’re networking & podcasting. You’re speaking & pursuing publicity. All to raise your profile, get seen as a thought leader, and, obviously, get hired by those oh so perfect people.

And you know that it’s critical to snag their attention right away. 

There are so many coaches & consultants vying for attention these days. If you don’t hook your audience immediately, they will simply move on to the next person and never realize that you could have helped them. SIGH. 

Happily, I can help. 

Want to know my #1 tip to get your audience’s attention right away?

I get this Q all the time: messaging seems so complicated-do you have any simple tips to make mine more effective? My answer? Absolutely! 

I am ALL about taking the complexity out of messaging and making it simple and doable. Because, let’s face it-messaging is KEY to your sales & marketing. And sales & marketing is the lifeblood of your business, so you need this to be doable. 

And after nine years of teaching messaging online, I DO have some tips! Here’s one of my favorites.

The #1 thing you can do to get your audience’s attention right away is to start by talking about them, not you.

You want them to perk up and lean in immediately, as soon as you start speaking. And you get them to do that by talking about what they care about-which is themselves and what they want. They don’t care about you yet and if you don’t get their attention, they may never care about you. 

So you need to make sure the very first words out of your mouth are not about you, but about THEM, saying what they want to hear. 

You let them know that you see them, that you understand them, and that you can help them. This is what they care about. This is what they are listening for.

If you do this, you will grab their attention right away. If you don’t, they will have checked out before you ever start talking about them and good luck trying to get them back. 

Not sure what this looks like in action? 

Then scroll back up because that’s exactly what I did here. (I do love being meta, don’t you?) I did not start this post by telling you all about me and my fabulousness. 

No, I started off talking about YOU. I talked about your circumstances, what you’re trying to do, the problem you’re encountering, and that I could help.

Which is why you’re still here.

You need to keep this top of mind anytime you want to capture people’s attention immediately.

  • Social media posts
  • Videos & livestreams 
  • Blog posts & articles
  • Webinars & workshops
  • Podcasts & speaking gigs

Bottom line: if you want to get your audience to pay attention right away-start by talking about them. 

One more place that you absolutely MUST do this? Your introduction. 

Yes, I AM serious. Even in your introduction, you’re going to start by talking about them. Mind blown, amiright? 

Want to know how to do this? Kismet! ‘Cause in just a few weeks, I’m hosting the Instant Impact Workshop, my intimate & interactive masterclass to create the come-hither introduction you need as a thought leader. Join Instant Impact and ALL will be revealed!


  1. Teri

    Your challenge was great Wendy! I will work on my intro with my friend, who is also working on hers.
    Thank you so much!

    • Wendy White

      Thanks so much for letting me know, Teri!


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