Is anyone listening to you? They should.

There are lots of gurus, mentors & coaches out there.

Heaps of them, in fact. Smart, accomplished people with lots of things to say. Important, powerful things even.

They want you to listen to them. And they may even deserve to be listened to.

But, BUT. So do you.

Because here is the thing-just having something to say does not make someone a good coach. They need to listen, really listen to you.

A coach who doesn’t listen, who doesn’t hear what you are saying simply cannot help you.

Not all coaches are created equal. And not all people working as coaches are actually equipped to be coaches.

I’m betting you may have already discovered this the hard way.

You have to repeatedly remind your coach of the details of what you want or what you do.

You realize they are missing the point (again) of what you are saying.

You find yourself holding back on saying what you really want because you know they won’t understand.

And worst of all, you feel diminished or made small in your interactions instead of empowered and enriched.

That’s enough of that.

TRAVELER’S TIP: Take a good hard look at your coach. If you don’t feel that you are being listened to, if you are don’t feel that you are really being heard-fire them. Fire them right now. You deserve better. You know you do.


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