Instant Impact

The key to a compelling introduction

You’re out there on all the platforms trying to get your audience’s attention.

FINALLY, all eyes are on you. And, the very first thing you need to do?

Introduce yourself. Should be simple, right?

Instead, when you open your mouth, one of three things happen:

E You realize this has all been a terrible mistake and prepare to flee the building.

E You ramble for what seems like the rest of your life and still haven’t said anything.

E You recognize, to your horror, that you sound exactly like every other guru/ninja/rockstar in the market.

Truth time: they’re never going to hire you if you can’t tell them what you do.


That’s exactly why I created Instant Impact.

Instant Impact is my cheeky & complimentary step-by-step guide to creating a compelling introduction.

This is your chance to clearly, concisely & confidently explain what you do so that it speaks directly to the heart (& wallet) of your ideal client.

Say goodbye to cringing, confusion & drowning in a sea of cookie cutter coaches & consultants.

And say hello with a come-hither introduction that makes an instant impact.

Take your introduction from frantically flailing to ridiculously right.

In Instant Impact, you’ll learn:

E The most common introduction pitfalls that are client-blocking you (and how to avoid them).
E The simple, yet spectacular techniques to always make an instant impact with your words.
E The sensational secret that will fix ALL your sales & marketing communications. (You’re welcome.)

Client-getting coach

Hola!I’m Wendy White, messaging & client attraction strategist for extraordinary entrepreneurs.

I teach coaches & consultants, ready to be thought leaders, to master a unique, confident, client-winning message.

Because most are unclear, confusing, and sound just like everyone else, so they’re not rising above the noise.

I help them confidently communicate what they do and why it matters so their sales & marketing impacts a greater audience and brings in their truly ideal clients quickly and simply.

So they can pull away from the pack of cookie cutter entrepreneurs and make an extraordinary impact® on the world.

Have them at “hello.”

Stop client-blocking yourself with cringing, confusion & coming off like all those cookie cutter coaches & consultants.

Start making an instant impact with an introduction that speaks directly to the heart (& wallet) of your truly ideal client.