Instant Impact

Introduce yourself as a thought leader

Instant Impact Workshop

Introduce yourself as a thought leader

Wouldn’t you like to stop introducing yourself as “just another coach”?

You’re in ALL the places working your sweet patootie off on visibility.

But, as you introduce yourself in that podcast interview, summit, or networking group FULL of your absolutely ideal clients…

You realize that you’re the 10,000th coach in a row saying, “I help entrepreneurs scale to 6 or 7 figures” or “I help women over 40 to live their best lives.”

And so, despite all of that work you’re doing to be visible, you might as well be INVISIBLE.

Oy VEY, amiright?

‘Cause they’re not going to hire you, they’re not going to refer you, they’re not even going to REMEMBER you if you cannot introduce yourself clearly, concisely, compellingly.

Well, this is your lucky day.

Instant Impact is a game-changing workshop to create the unique & compelling introduction you must have as a thought leader.

This is your chance to clearly, concisely, and confidently explain what you do so that it speaks directly to the hearts (and wallets) of your truly ideal clients.

Spend just a few hours with me and you’ll dramatically improve, not just your introduction, but all your messaging.

Say goodbye forever to cringing, confusion, and drowning in a sea of cookie cutter coaches & consultants.

And say hello with a come-hither introduction that makes an instant impact.

I practiced my introduction for the first time at a networking event and secured a spread in a local magazine, an interview on a local TV station, a workshop AND a keynote address at a wellness conference!! Pretty powerful stuff you’re teaching!

Michelle Tubman

Physician & Health Coach, Wayza Health

You’ll learn client attraction strategies that will change your messaging forever:

EThe secret to immediately fixing not just your introduction, but your whole brand message. (You’re welcome!)

EThe truth about why all those fill-in-the-blank formulas fail you and how to fix this so you can always tell your audience exactly what they want to hear.

EThe disastrous mistake causing your ideal client to tune you out and how to hook her attention right away so she recognizes that she needs you.

EThe key copy choices that instantly create curiosity, credibility & clients so you can confidently introduce yourself in any situation.

EThe one critical step that all successful entrepreneurs swear by and how you can use this to profit from your introduction immediately.

Ready to make an Instant Impact?

In this messaging masterclass, I’ll teach you exactly how to craft the unique & compelling introduction you must have as a thought leader.

You’ll not only create an introduction that is WAY better than 99% of your market, but you’ll learn essential strategies that you can use to vastly improve all your messaging.

You’ll get everything you need to create, polish & implement this essential cornerstone of your message & positioning for social media, speaking, publicity, networking & client-getting.

Here’s how we’ll pull off this fantastic feat!

Proven step by step strategy:

I’ll walk you through the process that has enabled thousands of coaches & consultants to craft a unique & compelling introduction. You’ll learn to create the three core building blocks plus strategies that will make all your messaging sing and sell.

Instant Impact Workbook:

In this invaluable asset you can draw on for years, you’ll capture your breakthroughs and key paradigm shifts. Plus, I’ve laid out my step by step process including key copy choices and examples so you can create, polish, and implement your come-hither introduction.

Optional week of VIP support:

You’ll get unlimited, schedule-free 1:1 support with your introduction via the Voxer messaging app. Get As to all your Qs, feedback, and troubleshooting. Pick your week to get me on speed dial to help polish your intro for just $200. ($400 value).

All for just $297.

Doesn’t that sound delicious?

 I have rethought my ENTIRE approach to communications and sales based on what I have learned from Wendy! If she had charged $1000s for this workshop, it would be worth every penny – hands down!

Sheila Keilty

Mind-Body Transformation Coach, Optimal Health Reboot

Wendy White, Messaging Strategist for extraordinary entrepreneurs

Hola!I’m Wendy White, Messaging & Client Attraction Strategist for extraordinary entrepreneurs.

I teach coaches & consultants, ready to be thought leaders, to master a unique, confident, client-winning message.

Because most are unclear, confusing, and sound just like everyone else, so they’re not rising above the noise.

I help them confidently communicate what they do and why it matters so their sales & marketing impacts a greater audience and brings in their truly ideal clients quickly and simply.

So they can pull away from the pack of cookie cutter entrepreneurs and make an extraordinary impact® on the world.

Success Stories

Debbie Burns
A HUGE thank you to Wendy for Instant Impact! My ideal clients are lighting up every time I introduce myself using what I’ve learned here!!!

I feel so much more confident about not only my intro but about how to communicate the transformation I provide. I LOVE the flood gates that this experience has opened up for me.

Instant Impact has completely changed how I approach my lead magnets, offerings, and social media! I already have 3 new trainings outlined that speak EXACTLY to what my dream client wants to hear and, with Wendy’s push to implement imperfectly, I’ll have the first one out in less than a week!!!!

So thank you, Wendy! You are a brilliant human and leader. My only wish is that I’d met you at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, so I had my message solid BEFORE I invested tens of thousands of dollars into all the other things.

Messaging is the core of any business and Wendy makes it easy to find yours. So get in here! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Debbie Burns
Soul Magick Coach
MelAnn Morales
When Wendy says this workshop is better than the last 3 things you’ve paid for, she delivers on that promise.

I thought I was closing in on my messaging until this workshop. I was wrong! I couldn’t have been any further away! I began changing my messaging everywhere and ended with an introduction that led to a client with my top tier offer!

I have posted once a day on my profile with my new messaging approach, applying all the things I’ve learned from the workshop. A group that I could not grow for three years suddenly has requests to join. My profile posts are getting engagement and great feedback. I’m connecting to my people! Finally! All because Wendy taught me a different approach.

If you’re like me & you’ve tried everything else and not getting results, it’s this magic that is missing! The magic is in your message and Wendy can help you nail it down starting with your introduction!

Melann Morales
Identity Coach
Paola Zanibelli
You knocked it out of the park on your workshop. This stuff is life changing!

I practiced the intro on the phone, and it came out confident! I posted it in a group, someone immediately joined my group.

Messaging is everything. Your workshop reminded me of this. But the way you teach it..It feels so simple, and congruent.

I got so much value out of this event. What you taught was powerful stuff, it really does increase confidence and consequently it must certainly impact sales.

Thanks for an event that WAS indeed more valuable than the last 3 things I paid for! You are amazing!

Paola Zanibelli
Holistic Feline Nutrition & Behaviour Specialist
Andrea Grigsby
You only entered my world a week ago and I definitely will never be the same. Thank you.

What surprised me the most is you didn’t over promise. You were 100% right and I got what you said you would deliver.

Your structure is different than I have seen elsewhere. This has been so clear and makes so much more sense.

So happy to see it working already and with how far I have come after so much wandering around in the desert for many years. I am grateful.

Andrea Grigsby
Business Mentor for Massage Therapists
Libbie Walsh
WOW! Thank you for this powerful workshop. I have learned more about my message than I ever have from personal coaching, even after many months and ££££.

I’ve been really blown away by the value you have given to this. You have such a different style and really shine in your work. More people should be taking a course with you instead of all of this noise on the internet.

You really are one of a kind, know your stuff, and I just love your energy. I wish I found you sooner! 🙂

Libbie Walsh
Narcissistic Trauma Informed Recovery Specialist
Donna Anderson Doyon Gilbert
This is an amazing workshop! You’ll be amazed at the brilliance Wendy White can draw out of you.

It really helped me tighten up my messaging. She helps you look at yourself and what you do in a whole new way!

She breaks it down into easily doable chunks. She explains why the “typical” way keeps us small and unseen. And did I mention she is awesome to work with?

If you are a coach, sign up for this workshop! Such a fabulous experience! 

Donna Anderson Doyon Gilbert
Spiritual Coach
Becky Colwell
Wendy’s workshop transformed the way I introduce my business.

I finished with my introduction elevated beyond recognition. I have come away with an introduction that is far more about my clients, and far more likely to attract new ones! Excited to accelerate my business growth further!

Becky Colwell
Sales Coach
Audrey Acton
I’m so grateful for the introduction I have now and LOVE being able to say it so easily and brilliantly.

There is so much more to this workshop than your introduction. You will gain insight into your business that can help you expand your thoughts about it. I know it spurred new ideas and ways of doing things.

Trust me, you need this! We all do. Clarity is an overused word and yet it is simply true that that is what Wendy brings to you.

Wendy is amazing so run, don’t walk to sign up!

Audrey Acton
Curiosity Coach

Take your introduction from “just another coach” to thought leader.

I’ve run my super popular Instant Impact Challenge for the very last time EVER.

If you want access to this brilliant training, you know what you need to do!

Get the instant impact workshop today!