The Instant Impact Workshop

introduce yourself as a thought leader

October 9th, 2023

 You are OVER introducing yourself as “just another coach,” aren’t you?

That’s why you joined the Instant Impact Challenge, and you’re so close but…

Maybe you’d really fancy more time and space to work through the challenge teachings…

Maybe you’d adore having crystalline clarity about what your ideal client really wants & how she wants to hear it…

Maybe you’d treasure getting my personal feedback & support to make your introduction sing & sell…

Or maybe you’re actually gagging for all three!


Well, this is your lucky day.

The Instant Impact Workshop is an intimate & interactive masterclass to nail the unique & compelling introduction you must have as a thought leader.

This is your chance to take all the fantastic work you did in the challenge and get additional time, training & expert guidance to master this key piece of your messaging ASAP.

You’ll get everything you need to create, polish & implement an introduction that makes an instant impact.

The instant impact introductions module:

My step by step strategy including key paradigm shifts in five teaching videos, plus a workbook to capture your breakthroughs and craft your introduction.

The Problem You Solve module:

A deep dive into your biggest stumbling block: what do my prospects want? You’ll clarify the transformation they’re after so you can offer them what they want to buy.

live group coaching

You’ll refine your introduction, practice it out loud, plus get my live feedback & answers to your biggest Qs, because I know that makes ALL the difference!

You get IMMEDIATE access to both modules so you can keep your focus & momentum going.

Live coaching intensive is October 9th at 9:00m LA/12:00pm NYC/5:00pm London
Session will run 90 minutes and will be recorded.

All for just $297.

Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Don’t miss this special offer only available till October 4th.








Hola!I’m Wendy White, Messaging Strategist for extraordinary entrepreneurs.

I teach coaches & consultants, ready to be thought leaders, to master a unique, confident, client-winning message.

Because most are unclear, confusing, and sound just like everyone else, so they’re not rising above the noise.

I help them confidently communicate what they do and why it matters so their sales & marketing impacts a greater audience and brings in their truly ideal clients quickly and simply.

So they can pull away from the pack of cookie cutter entrepreneurs and make an extraordinary impact® on the world.

Success Stories

I left my coach because Wendy got results for me on DAY ONE!!! She showed me what a real coach could be!

When my friend told me about Wendy’s 5 day event, I was skeptical. I’d tried to figure out what was missing from my messaging for a long time. Nothing was engaging my niche! I was frozen with analysis paralysis from dozens of voices in my head! I was also stuck in a coaching relationship that was getting me nowhere – fast!

Wendy got my joo-joo back! She nailed it on day 1 like she was talking directly to me!! It’s already helped me become active with my market, communicating what I learned and turning heads! Every day’s lessons got more effectual and became a whole new way of communicating, and it has reinvigorated my business!

I hired Wendy right away and am excited to get going! If I grow this much in a few days, I can’t imagine what kind if growth I will have after a few months!! 

Sheila Keilty
Mind-Body Transformation Coach
You knocked it out of the park on your challenge yesterday. This stuff is life changing!

I practiced the intro on the phone, and it came out confident! I posted it in a group, someone immediately joined my group.

Messaging is everything. Your challenge reminded me of this. But the way you teach it..It feels so simple, and congruent.

I got so much value out of this event. What you taught was powerful stuff, it really does increase confidence and consequently it must certainly impact sales.

Thanks for an event that WAS indeed more valuable than the last 3 things I paid for! You are amazing!

Paola Zanibelli
Holistic Feline Nutrition & Behaviour Specialist
Just used the output I created on Day 1 on a sales call!

She just said – “that describes me exactly”….. think i’ve described my niche at last!!!xxxx

Heather Barrie
You only entered my world a week ago and I definitely will never be the same. Thank you.

What surprised me the most is you didn’t over promise. You were 100% right and I got what you said you would deliver.

Your structure is different than I have seen elsewhere. This has been so clear and makes so much more sense.

So happy to see it working already and with how far I have come after so much wandering around in the desert for many years. I am grateful.

Andrea Grigsby
Business Mentor for Massage Therapists
I now have an intro that makes ears prick up and starts conversations thanks to Wendy White.

Each day of the challenge you will take away a completed step to creating an intro that will make you stand out from the crowd and be memorable… What’s not to love?

Can’t recommend her no-fluff approach highly enough!

Sharon Eden
The Wild Elder
Pretty powerful stuff you’re teaching!

I practiced my introduction from your challenge for the first time at a networking event yesterday. From that I secured a spread in a local magazine, an interview on a local TV station, a workshop AND a keynote address at a wellness conference!!

Michelle Tubman, MD
Weight Loss Coach
If you are interested in developing a highly effective, short, and precise introduction for networking or social media – I highly recommend Wendy’s free five day challenge!

It is fun, educational, and you WILL have your intro completed and ready to roll out at your next event!!!

Mardi Winder-Adams
Divorce Coach
WOW! Thank you for this powerful challenge. I have learned more about my message than I ever have from personal coaching, even after many months and ££££.

I’ve been really blown away by the value you have given to this. You have such a different style and really shine in your work. More people should be taking a course with you instead of all of this noise on the internet.

You really are one of a kind, know your stuff, and I just love your energy. I wish I found you sooner! 🙂

Libbie Walsh
Narcissistic Trauma Informed Recovery Specialist
This week has me so unbelievably motivated, it’s crazy!

It’s making me stop, clear the mind-clutter, and truly think about what in the world it is that I do for others.

Leah Veazey
Career Pathway Coach
You walk away from this challenge with the exact thing you were hoping for- a freakin’ awesome introduction for yourself.

Too many challenges only give you the what and the why and leave you hanging on the how. Not this one. This challenge actually helps you create an introduction.

Jillian Dressel
This is an amazing workshop! You’ll be amazed at the brilliance Wendy White can draw out of you.

It really helped me tighten up my messaging. She helps you look at yourself and what you do in a whole new way!

She breaks it down into easily doable chunks. She explains why the “typical” way keeps us small and unseen. And did I mention she is awesome to work with?

If you are a coach, sign up for this challenge! Such a fabulous experience! 

Donna Anderson Doyon Gilbert
Spiritual Coach
Wendy’s challenge transformed the way I introduce my business.

I finished the week with my introduction elevated beyond recognition. I have come away with an introduction that is far more about my clients, and far more likely to attract new ones! Excited to accelerate my business growth further!

Becky Colwell
Sales Coach
I’m so grateful for the introduction I have now and LOVE being able to say it so easily and brilliantly.

There is so much more to this challenge than your introduction. You will gain insight into your business that can help you expand your thoughts about it. I know it spurred new ideas and ways of doing things.

Trust me, you need this! We all do. Clarity is an overused word and yet it is simply true that that is what Wendy and her challenges bring to you.

Wendy is amazing so run, don’t walk to sign up!

Audrey Acton
Curiosity Coach
This was such an amazing challenge.

Each day Wendy created a breakthrough. I love my new identity and rocking it all over the place. Thank you.

Marjorie Gutierrez
Systems Strategist
This challenge is different, in that it actually helps put ££££ on your business plan.

With most challenges by day 2 I step out because my time is too valuable to waste it. 5 days with Wendy for FREE was the most valuable use of my time in a long time.

Maria Alvarez
Stress Burnout Coach

Take your introduction from “just another coach” to thought leader.

Join the instant impact workshop today!