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Is your introduction client-blocking you? 


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You’re out there on ALL the platforms trying to get your client’s attention. 

FINALLY, all eyes are on you.

And the VERY FIRST thing you need to do? 

Introduce yourself. ACK.

Should be simple, right?  

Instead, when you open your mouth to tell her what you do, one of three things happen:

XXX You realize this has all been a TERRIBLE mistake and prepare to flee the building.  

XXX You ramble for what seems like the rest of your life and still haven’t said ANYTHING.  

XXX You recognize, to your horror, that you sound EXACTLY like every other guru/ninja/rockstar/badass in the market.  


Here’s the straight poop: they’re NEVER going to hire you if you can’t tell them what you do.

No worries, chica, I got you covered.  

Introducing the Instant Impact 1:1 

From crickets to clients in one hour

This is your chance to leave behind the cringing, confusion, and crickets, and create a clear, confident, compelling introduction that speaks directly to the heart (and wallet) of your ideal client. 

It’s a completely personalized, highly actionable, powerhouse call. In just one hour, we’ll nail (1) who your ideal client is (2) what she really wants to hear from you, (3) put it all together perfectly so it lands powerfully and effectively. 

Doesn’t that sound DELICIOUS? 

You don’t have to spend the next six months working on this OR winging it on a hope and prayer in front of potential paying clients (the horror!).  

Give me one hour and I’ll give you a clear, confident, compelling introduction that not only gets attention, it gets you HIRED.  

What does that look like?

>>> The very first email Julie sent to her list resulted in immediately being booked up for discovery calls.  

>>> As soon as she told people what she did, Catherine got the first client for her brand new £2500 coaching program.  

>>> Within days of nailing this, Jennie sold her new $2500 program, launched a Facebook community of 500, then got SIX more clients-all within a month. 

Really, why would you wait?

Book your Instant Impact 1:1 now!

But this isn’t for everybody. Here's who I can help.  

Since 2005, entrepreneurs have hired me to land clients with a unique, confident, and compelling message. I’ve guided hundreds of coaches, consultants, and thought leaders through this process of connecting with their perfect people and converting them into clients and I’m ready to help YOU.

My expertise lies in helping experienced service based professionals who do deeply transformative work with their clients. If you are brand spanking new to your craft and haven’t worked with any clients yet or are selling products, I am not your girl.  

But if you have a good sense of who you want to reach and what you help them with, let's do this already, chica. 

From crickets to clients in one hour. What's that worth to you?

Spoiler alert-this costs WAY less! 

Your investment: $198  

Click on the button below to book your Instant Impact and answer a few questions so we can make the absolute best use of our time together.  

You and I will get on the phone for 60 minutes and go to WORK. 

You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to explain what you do, so you get attention and you get HIRED.  

Don’t go one more day feeling astronomically embarrassed every time someone asks you what you do. 

Don't let your introduction keep client-blocking you. 

Get on my calendar now and get that confident hair toss you're looking for (plus loads of clients).

Clear, confident, and compelling. That could be you.  

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