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Instant Impact

The key to a compelling introduction

Tell absolutely anyone exactly what you do without cringing, copying , or confusion. 

You’re out there on ALL the platforms trying to get your client’s attention.

FINALLY, all eyes are on you. And, the VERY FIRST thing you need to do? 

Introduce yourself. ACK. 

Should be simple, right?  

Instead, when you open your mouth, one of three things happen: 

XXX You realize this has all been a TERRIBLE mistake and prepare to flee the building.  

XXX You ramble for what seems like the rest of your life and still haven’t said ANYTHING.  

XXX You recognize, to your horror, that you sound EXACTLY like every other guru/ninja/rockstar/badass in the market. 


Truth time: they're NEVER going to hire you if you cannot tell them what you do.

You need to clearly, concisely & confidently explain what you do so that it speaks directly to the heart (& wallet) of your ideal client. Let's fix that. Right now. 

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In Instant Impact, you'll learn:

  • The most common introduction pitfalls that are keeping you from getting hired (and how to avoid them).
  • The simple, yet spectacular technique to always make your instant impact (& income).
  • The sensational secret that will fix ALL your sales & marketing communications. (You're welcome.)


I'm Wendy White, business development coach & strategist for extraordinary entrepreneurs. Coaches, consultants & other thought leaders hire me to land clients with a unique, confident & compelling message. Because most are unclear, confusing & sound just like everyone else, so they’re not getting traction. I help them connect with those perfect people & convert them into clients so they can create the extraordinary impact® (& income) they crave.