I have to confess…

I am not following my own best advice. At all.

So many people are working from home these days. And I’ve gotten lots of questions about best practices for doing so-’cause I’ve been working from home since 2005 (yes, apparently, I AM old!).

And one of the first things I tell people is to treat it as though you are going to the office. Have a set time you show up to work each day and a set time to leave. And stick to it!

Don’t let your home life creep into your work time by cleaning the house during office hours. And don’t let your work life overrun your home life by taking your computer to bed with you.

So this is what I’m saying. But it’s NOT what I’m doing.

‘Cause right now, my work life has COMPLETELY overrun my home life.

I’m working ALL the hours of the day & night putting together my Brand Stories that Convert Challenge.

It’s coming up super fast (April 6th) and I have set the bar exceptionally high for myself to not only deliver on the promise of crafting a brand story that gets you clients…

But to make sure that just by showing up and listening, you’ll get epiphanies that will immediately fix not only your story, but your whole message.

‘Cause while lots of people are talking about too much free time and being bored, I know MY peeps are probably busier than ever, amiright?

So, far from leaving the office at 5:00pm like a civilized person, I’m working about 11 hours a day (no joke).

I’m driving straight through weekends. As you can tell-‘cause here I am writing to you on a Saturday!

As the Dowager Countess would say: What IS a weekend?

And I’m not only taking my computer to bed with me, I’m actually DREAMING about the Challenge (not even kidding).

So, why am failing to take my own very good advice?

I cannot help it.

I am CRAZY excited about it.

I cannot WAIT to see what we’re going to do together.

It’s going to be, in a word, extraordinary.

So, while I normally wouldn’t say this, you know: do as I say, not as I do.

Also, BTW, you should really join us! It’s free, it’s live. It’s going to change how you view your story and your message FOREVER.

But only if you want more clients! 😉

Now get off your computer and go enjoy your weekend!

And, as always, go be extraordinary.


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