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Wouldn't you love to know exactly how to land more clients with your message?  


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Here's what that looks like:

>>> As soon as she told people what she did, Catherine got the first client for her brand new £2500 coaching program. 

>>> The very first time she shared it, Maria's new message got not one but TWO people coming to plunk down $5500 (each) to work with her. 

>>> Within days of nailing her message, Jennie sold her new $2500 program, launched a Facebook community of 500, then got SIX more clients-all within the month. 

So, I’m thinking that, really, the only question you need to ask yourself is: do I want to make this year, the year my business finally takes off? 

If the answer is YES, I would love to help you get these kinds of results.

Right now, I’m betting you’re stuck here... 

>>> You want to get more of those ideal clients flowing into your business. You know, the ones who show up raring for action and ready to transform their lives, who recognize that YOU are the leader they've been seeking.

Or maybe… 

>>> You want to be able to command premium prices for your coaching or consulting programs. You see others in your field making the kind of money you want (and know you’re worth) but you can’t figure out how on earth they’re doing it. 

Or maybe...

>>> You want to know EXACTLY what you need to do to get your business to take off already. You're working WAY too hard getting any clients. You want to leave behind all the frantic busy work, so you can spend more of your time doing what you really love. 

No matter which is it, the good news is….

We can fix that. Right now. 

Presenting the Flight Plan

This is your chance to learn EXACTLY how to land more clients with your message. 

It’s a completely personalized, highly actionable, powerhouse call. In just one hour, we quickly get to the heart of why your message isn’t connecting and sort what you need to do to get hired by more of the right people. 

We’ll pull apart the essential puzzle pieces of your message (ideal client, problem solved & messaging) and come up with strategies for optimizing them. Plus, you’ll learn the simple three step formula that will fix ALL your sales & marketing communications.  

We’ll create a picture of your business that will inspire and astonish you. You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to fix your message so that it connects with more of the right people and converts them into clients. So that all that marketing finally pays off (yes, literally). 

Give me one hour and I’ll show you exactly how to make this the year your business finally takes off.

Ready to take off? Book your Flight Plan now!

But, this isn’t for everybody. Here's who I can help.  

Since 2005, entrepreneurs have hired me to land clients with a unique, confident, and compelling message. I’ve guided hundreds of coaches, consultants, and thought leaders through this process of connecting with their perfect people and converting them into clients and I’m ready to help YOU.

My expertise lies in helping experienced service based entrepreneurs who do deeply transformative work with their clients. If you are brand spanking new to your craft and haven’t worked with any clients yet or are selling products, I am not your girl.

But, if you use your talent and expertise to help people solve a significant life or business problem and your services could potentially command a premium price (say, $2000+, and that’s the kind of sandbox you really want to be playing in), we should definitely talk. 

That’s it. If you meet that requirement, you pass Go and collect $200. (Actually, more like $2000, right?!)  

Exactly what you need to finally take off. What's that worth to you?

Spoiler alert-this costs WAY less!

Investment: $198

Click on the button below to book your Flight Plan and answer some questions so we can make the absolute best use of our time together.  

You and I will get on the phone for 60 minutes and go to WORK. You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to land more clients with your message.  

Don’t go one more day failing to connect with those potential clients. 

Don’t keep spinning on the same ole, same ole that’s not working. 

Get on my calendar now and get the exact Flight Plan to make this the year you finally take off.  

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