Are you ready for an

Extraordinary Impact?

What would you say if I told you that you could…

Stop hustling and nail the one thing that will make all the marketing you’ve been slogging away on finally pay off?

Stop being unclear, confusing & sounding just like everyone else and start winning clients with a unique, confident & compelling message?

Stop blending into the pack of cookie cutter entrepreneurs and start making an extraordinary impact on the world?

Would you say: yes, please!?

Right now, I’m betting that this is your world.

You’re dashing from platform to platform like they’re giving away cake, stockpiling courses, blogging, live streaming, podcasting, and being super-duper helpful in 7328 Facebook groups, but you’re still not getting hired by enough of those craveworthy clients.


You’ve worked forever to get your turn in the spotlight, but now that they’re listening, you’re terrified of rambling for the rest of your life without actually saying anything, or worse, sounding EXACTLY like every other ninja/guru/rockstar on the planet.


You’ve invested oodles of money and oceans of time, but, somehow, you’re still missing that one thing that will give the 40,358 scattered pieces of your business a powerful, persuasive center that is instantly recognizable and insanely craveable. (Spoiler alert: it’s your message)

Bottom line: it’s unbearably frustrating to be floundering in this place, not making nearly the income or impact you dreamed of, while others race by.

Wendy is a wizard. If you want to grow your business, you want Wendy on your side. If you are toying with the idea of hiring her, do not wait. Do it now!! I wish I had hired her sooner, she’s a professional powerhouse!
Kathya Bustamante

Eco-Biz Strategist

But, imagine yourself, a few weeks from now:


Waking up every morning so exceptionally excited about your extraordinary mission and marketing that you cannot WAIT to get to your desk.

You’ve tapped into what is truly special about you and put it front & center in your business where it connects with (& converts) your perfect people in a way that no one else CAN. (G’bye competition!)


So epically empowered and secure in the value you offer and how to communicate it that there is NO MORE hiding your genius under a bushel.

You’ve created a powerful & persuasive center to your world and now you always know exactly what to say so that you stand out and they buy whatever you’re selling


Stirring everything you are and everything you do into a delightful cocktail that’s instantly recognizable and totally irresistible to the most craveworthy clients.

You’ve risen above the pack of ordinary, cookie cutter entrepreneurs, arrived as an extraordinary thought leader, and, now, the sky’s the limit!

That transformation starts now.

Extraordinary Impact® is a business accelerator focused madly, passionately on getting craveworthy clients with your message.

Because your business can’t survive on Facebook likes alone, and getting attention is not the same as getting hired.

You get the exact four month flight plan you need to take off rapidly and keep rocketing forward:

Two months to create everything you need to win clients with a unique, confident & compelling message plus
two months to amplify that message so you can make an extraordinary impact on the world.

Proof that a unique, confident & compelling message makes all the difference.

Catherine Thornley got the first client for her brand new £2500 service within a week of our developing the messaging. And she hadn’t left her day job or built the program yet.

In just 8 weeks, Maria Alvarez landed 2 speaking gigs to 6000 women and got 85 new clients for a course that didn’t exist yet by using the new message we created. After ages of crickets and investing in a high end course that left her even more stagnant and stuck.

Kathya Bustamante’s message got her completely booked out with a waiting list within 90 days. After years of not making headway with her coaching business.

After just 4 weeks, the first time Maria Granovsky shared her new message, she got 2 people coming to plunk down $5500 to consult with her. When she had been floundering in indecision about her business for years.

Jennie Mustafa-Julock sold her new $2500 program within days of our nailing her message, got 6 more clients inside of a month, and then went on to triple, wait!, QUADRUPLE her business. When she had been on the verge of walking away from her decade long coaching practice for good.

The Extraordinary Impact Equation

That Instagram post that got five likes? It’s just words and a pretty picture. Your brain and brand deserve so much better than that, chica!

We’re going to tap into what is truly special about you and put it front & center in your business to call in those perfect people.

We’ll create the powerful & persuasive core that is key to every successful business: a message that speaks directly to the hearts (& wallets) of your ideal clients.

The secret to our success? It’s my four step formula, the Extraordinary Impact Equation.

Mission + Market + Messaging + Momentum

Clarifying your mission (your promise! your why!) shows your audience that you’re exactly who they seek.

Connecting with your market in a real, non-buzzword way convinces that audience you’re worth paying for.

Crafting come-hither messaging goes beyond the ordinary and the overused to become a clear and compelling (unique!) offer.

Creating momentum carries that offer into the world – fast! – accelerating your extraordinary impact & income.

Wendy has quadrupled my business. This is the best investment I’ve made in 14 years. I’ve worked with all sorts of business coaches and marketing experts. NOTHING COMPARES to the impact of Wendy’s genius. She teaches you to get to the heart of YOUR MESSAGE in a way that nobody else does. AND she shows you how to put that in front of the clients you most want to work with.

Jennie Mustafa-Julock

Inner Critic Expert, Coach Jennie

My signature approach is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

This is the only program of its kind. You get:

1. Proven step-by-step strategies that have brought my clients ridiculous results over the last 6 years. Anyone else up for quadrupling their biz???

2. Live feedback & troubleshooting of your issues like a 1:1 client. It’s the expert insights on your individual business that make all the difference.

3. Support & connection of a mastermind so you can profit from a roomful of brilliant biz women invested in your success on our live calls. 

Welcome to your new work family!

We are madly, passionately fixated on client-getting.

We’re using real world business development strategies to get you clients so perfect it feels fated.

We’re not just adding more sparkles and attitude. We’re not endlessly exploring the fifty million things you could do.

We’re focusing on just what you need to stand out and make them buy whatever you’re selling.

‘Cause you don’t need another creative writing project. You need clients.

You’ll start turning heads right away (not someday).

I specialize in creating the shortest & speediest path to getting craveworthy clients. So, this is a results-based program, focused on implementation. 

While others will drown you in funnels and website rewrites…

I teach short, punchy, powerful messaging that is easy, fast & fun to create, immediately implementable, and scores you those more-than-ideal clients. (Go ask your overwrought About page if it can do that!)

This is why the Extraordinary Insiders go from crickets to clients so quickly.

Your results pay off for years to come.

The brilliantly crafted foundation we create is lasting, because it’s based on your unique gifts & genius. No mini-me’s or cookie cutters here.

We discover what is truly extraordinary about you and highlight that with come-hither copy that expresses your undeniable voice to call in your clients.

Plus, I give you simple strategies you can rely on repeatedly as your business evolves to keep you flying forward.

These have propelled my clients to astonishing heights-ready to take wing?

And here’s what I ask of you, in exchange:

Do the work. Watch the lessons, answer the questions, write your drafts. Lean into it, even the parts that feel iffy. Show up on calls – no, better! – bring something to bust wide open and polish up to the calls. Incorporate my feedback when it feels true to you. Soak up love and support from your fleet. And Implement, Implement, Implement with what some would call reckless abandon.

This is an incredible client winning centric program that will launch you to heights that you never thought you could reach in such a short period of time. I’ve had 3 really big wins in the first 8 weeks: booking 2 speaking gigs to 6,000 women and getting new 85 clients for a course that doesn’t exist yet. That’s a big deal because my business is just being set up.

Maria Avarez

Stress Burnout Coach, Time to Up

Here’s our step-by-step strategy for your extraordinary impact.

The Takeoff:

In just two months we’ll create everything you need to win clients with a unique, confident & compelling message.

Every week of my core curriculum focuses on creating an essential piece of your message. You’ll receive teaching materials & assignment, polish up your takeaway in our group call & get it implemented within hours! 

Clarify your mission

Your mission is where your message starts. We’ll embark on our adventure honing in on the change you want to create in the world and the why behind your work to serve as your guiding star.

Results: a mission statement to keep you on track to the business of your dreams.

Polish your pOSITIONING

As your clarity and confidence climb, we’ll clearly define what you stand for and call out to your perfect people in a way that is instantly recognizable and totally irresistible. We’ll get them thinking, “I want HER.”

Results: a signature brand promise detailing exactly what makes you oh-so-different from your cookie-cutter competitors, clogging up the internet with their sameness.

Define your ideal clients

As you settle into your new speedy implementation lifestyle, we’ll study your target market, so that you know exactly who you want to work with and what results genuinely matter to them.

Results: your ideal client definition-not the ever popular BS “avatar” which focuses on demographics and fantasy, instead this is understanding your client in a real, deep way based on psychographics and buying triggers.

Sort the problem you solve

As we start to really cruise, we’ll deep dive into what your prospects actually want, and the only thing you should be selling: transformation. By focusing on what is important to them, you convert crickets into clients.

Results: your client before & after clarifying what they most want to hear from you, so you can always offer them precisely what they really want to buy.

Head to heaven & hell

We’ll dive into the foundations of your messaging, crafting a bank of unique, creative wording describing the transformation your clients seek so you can guide them from turbulent times to breathtaking new heights without having to leave their browsers.

Results: Heaven & Hell-vivid, enticing messaging that has them nodding wildly and saying things like “YES, YES THAT’S ME!”

Craft compelling copy

Finally, as we reach peak clarity, we’ll develop powerful & persuasive messaging establishing your unique voice and forming a lasting foundation for all your sales & marketing communications.

Results: your offers-an abundance of come-hither copy that speaks right to the hearts & wallets of your audience so you can spread your message and get those ideal clients hiring you.


Yes, we’re building the plane while flying it. That’s how we get you airborne ASAP.

The Sky High Club:

In the next two months, we’ll amplify your message so you can make an extraordinary impact on the world.

Finally above the clouds, you can see clearly what you want and how to get there.

So, you’ll receive two months access to my advanced business development membership for the guidance, support & strategies you need to fully profit from everything you’ve created and keep soaring forward.

Each month we focus on one essential piece of your message and one core takeaway to get out into the wide world immediately.

Topics include: Advanced Copy Tricks & Techniques, Introductions, Brand Stories that Convert, Positioning & Unique Selling Proposition, Marketing Content & Strategy, Services, and Sales.

Each month you’ll get:

  • four group calls: trainings, workshops, masterminds & office hours
  • access to the Club library of trainings and teaching materials
  • the opportunity to attend the Takeoff calls with the next cohort to continue to polish your work
Dazzling possibilities are open to you everywhere you look. ‘Cause when you’re clear, you can see forever!

Are you ready for the most extraordinary four months of your business?

We launch skyward january 2021!

Investment: $2000
Payment plans available

Get on the waitlist to ask your Qs, hold your spot & get ALL the early bird bonuses!

Success Stories

Maria Alvarez
Think cha-ching when you think Extraordinary Impact. It’s an incredible client winning centric program.

I’ve had three really big wins during the first 8 weeks. I got booked for two events to speak to 6,000 women. That’s a big deal because my business is just being set up. And I have 85 women lined up to do a course that doesn’t exist yet, other than on a very large poster with lots of post it notes on it.

What’s exploded my business in every direction is talking to my client straight to the heart in a way that I never have before. My voice is now loud, clear, emotional, pragmatic and funny, plus I understand my clients at a DNA level and know exactly how to pull the strings in their hearts so that they feel and instant trust and connection with me and what I do.

DON’T consider it, JUST do it. Would you really walk away from hearing more cha-chings in your bank account?

Maria Alvarez
Stress Burnout Coach, Time to Up
Jennie Mustafa Julock 2020
Working with Wendy quadrupled my business. This is the best investment I have ever made and I’ve been at this for 14 years.

I’ve surrounded myself with brilliant people, but I’ve never, EVER found someone who gets me, challenges me, and teaches me so effectively!

We completely rebooted my business. She helped me nail my message, gain confidence in talking about what I do, (with a bio that sounds leagues better than the one I’ve had copywriters write for me), promote my services without feeling like a douchebag, and create my signature coaching program (which has been profitable for 3 years straight now).

I’m no longer just cobbling together a business with scotch tape and hope  I have a core message and really strong, very simple, pithy, thoughtful ways to hook somebody’s attention in a world full of cookie cutter coaches saying the same damn things.

It will be the best investment you will make, bar none.

Jennie Mustafa-Julock
Inner Critic Expert, Coach Jennie
Amanda Wagner
Extraordinary impact is the best money I have spent in a long time. It would be a bargain at double the price.

This is a results based program, focused on implementation. You will create a large volume of really thoughtful game-changing conversion copy that you will be confident sounds like your voice.

So when somebody reads your website, meets you in person, or hears you on a live, it’s gonna sound like you-no copy cats here. They’re going to know that you’re unique and have something truly compelling that matters.

So instead of blending in with everybody else, you’re really going to stand out.

Amanda Wagner
Speaker & Fame Strategist, The Amanda Wagner
Penni Wild
Do you want to finally have the words for that thing that only you can bring to the world?

Because that’s what you’re going to get. Wendy gets your story down, she gets your heart. She will take it into her heart and hold you true to your vision.

Let Wendy bring your vision, your message, bring YOU to the world so you can monetize it and start living the life of your dreams.

Penni Wild
Communications Coach
Kathya Bustamante
After only two calls, I knew hiring Wendy was my best decision EVER.

She listens loudly at an incredible speed. I’ve never seen anything like it. She hears things before I even say them and also listens for what I don’t say to connect the dots.

Wendy is a true professional who has real biz experience and really cares about her clients’ success. She asks the right questions and knows what to do with the responses. And her advice was always tailored to my specific business.

I now have 3 clients and have 2 more already signed up for my next round in April. I’m still in disbelief.

Kathya Bustamante
Eco-Biz Strategist
Karrie Stringer
I signed up my first client before I’d even finished Extraordinary Impact – paying full whack, no discounts, no more free coaching, finally being paid what I’m worth!

Working with Wendy was an amazing experience. She’s incredibly professional and knowledgeable, but she’s also your best cheerleader (and ass kicker if you slack off!). Every time we had a call, I felt energised and so much more confident. She always brought me back to the simplest and fastest way to get out there.

If you’re hesitating, don’t wait. You’ll make the money back because you’ll be able to confidently market your message.

Karrie Stringer
Business Coach
Nukhet Hendricks
Extraordinary Impact is one of a kind and powerful. Wendy brought out wisdom that I didn’t even know I had.

She is an awesome coach who is coaching in her zone of genius! Her expertise was evident at every coaching call and in what we created together-which I can go back to over and over again. It has staying power.

I wish I had found her two years ago. The work we’ve done was nothing like I’ve done before and my business has never felt as good as it does now.

Nukhet Hendricks
Women’s Leadership Coach, She Leads Fearlessly
Liza Baker
In two months, I got further with building my client base than I did in the two years since I started my practice.

If you’ve ever thought, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll do all that later, after I’ve gotten my business up and running,” STOP. Call Wendy and DO. IT. NOW.

Liza Baker
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Simply Health Coaching
Maria Granovsky, Ph.D., J. D.
Wendy is the coach you need after you’ve tried all the other bright, shiny trainings.

She strips away all the bells and whistles and sparklies, and gets down to the essence of what it takes to have a successful coaching business. She does this while always being in your corner, with a dollop of warmth, humor, and generosity.

Maria Granovsky. Ph.D, J. D
Content Writer & Consultant, Swimming Otter
Paula Rolands
Wendy FAR exceeded my expectations, holding me to account to deliver the absolute best I could.

I got through an obstacle that had been keeping me from success since I began my coaching practice, confidently raised my rates, and got a new client, before we were even done!

Paula Rolands
Integrative Health Coach
Lishui Springford
Every training or coaching I’ve done for 20+ years has been fluffy and superficial compared to Extraordinary Impact.

Stop wasting time on bells and whistles and other people’s ideas about what makes a good business. You need this, because your clients need you to have this.

Lishui Springford
Self-Healing Guide, MindTree Health
Meg Kissack
Wendy’s wit, her ability to cut through bullshit, and her skill to ask the right questions make her a powerhouse.

She listens to you, trusts you as the expert in your own life and she couldn’t be more supportive. If you’re struggling with your business, just do it. I promise you won’t regret it.

Meg Kissack
Creator, That Hummingbird Life & The Couragemakers Podcast
Julie Marah
I would definitely recommend this to anybody wanting to transition to something else in their business but no idea what or how.

Wendy has a no bullshit approach, but she carries it off with kindness, compassion and humour! She has laser focus and a sharp mind. She is committed to you getting the results you want.

I now know what I am uniquely qualified to offer my ideal clients and why it is so attractive to them, and that has made a big difference in my confidence.

Julie Marah
Wife Coach
Jessie Kuehn
If you are struggling with communicating about your business or honing in on the work you actually want to be doing, Wendy is your go-to expert.

Wendy is whip-smart. She is not your typical business coach. Expect to be challenged, held accountable, and to receive honest and direct feedback into your blind spots as well as your strengths.

For the first time my messaging and marketing match the work that I am doing. So, writing and communicating about the work I do with clients feel effortless and fun.

Jessie Kuehn
Feminine Wellness Expert & Leadership Mentor, Radiant Roots Coaching
Audrey Groeschel
Wow, where to begin. Clarity. Drive. Passion. Now, I have the drive and passion to go anywhere. I know I am doing what I am meant to do.

If you are having trouble finding your direction, are feeling stuck, can’t seem to do anything but busy work in your business when you KNOW you need to get stuff done, Wendy will help you find the clarity missing from your business and life. You can go from staring blankly at your computer screen to action plans and actually working your business with passion, clarity and excitement.

Audrey Groeschel
Founder, Goddess at the Grindstone
Sally Mercedes
If you are ready to strengthen the foundation of your business and the core of who you are, then definitely say yes to working with Wendy.

Working with Wendy is an absolute gift! She works with such ease and fun and grace, it’s a total joy to do the work you require to get the results you desire.

Sally Mercedes
Mentor & Intuitive Business Visionary, Unmuted Expression
Christine Meyer
Wendy has a way of getting through whatever’s in the way and getting you on your way to clarity.

She asks great questions and makes clear distinctions that help you get your own answers. She’s encouraging and supportive and gives 100 + 10% to you as her client.

Christine Meyer

I’m distinctly well qualified to be your guide.

Even before I fled the cubicle for foreign shores (and sangria), my expertise was sales & business development for small, unconventional companies. What’s biz dev (you seem to ask)? It’s business growth hyper focused on client-getting!

I spent over a decade helping small, unknown businesses stand out and win clients in extremely competitive markets in the U.S., LatAm, and Europe before taking this expertise online in 2014.

Today, coaches, consultants & other thought leaders, like you, hire me to land clients with a unique, confident & compelling message.

Because most are unclear, confusing, and sound just like everyone else, so they’re not getting enough traction.

I help you connect with those ideal people and convert them into clients so you can create the extraordinary impact® (& income) you crave.

Circling around in indecision? I’ve got you!

Here are the questions my most successful clients have asked before taking the plunge:

How quickly can I expect results?

Immediately. This is a results-based program focused on implementation. Every week (including week one), we create a specific takeaway you can implement in your business right away. 

Previous clients have gotten articles published and speaking gigs booked in the first two weeks based on their new brand promise. They’ve also booked clients for services that hadn’t actually been created yet, just on the power of the messaging.

BUT, this entirely depends on you. We will give you what you need to create your takeaways (including feedback & troubleshooting) and tell you where and how to use them, but actually doing this is down to you. If you don’t build it, no one is coming. But you knew that, right?

How does this compare to x, y, z program, course or mastermind I've done before?

It doesn’t. This is not a course-loading you up with info as you struggle to do it all by yourself, only to walk away without implementing much of anything. 

It’s not just pre-packaged one-size-fits-all strategies, either. I provide live expert support personalized for your business. 

And you won’t waste your energy trying to impress and compete with each other like in those other masterminds. This isn’t about showing off, it’s about opening up and getting the help you need-there is NOWHERE else you can get this.

This is a group? Won't I get lost in the shuffle?

No way. After six years in the business, I keenly know the difference between spewing information and actual coaching. I am keeping the cohorts small because I want you to get the attention you need to get your biz to take off. 

Individual support is yours for the taking if you ask for it. I give feedback on all assignments turned in on time.  And we all pitch in to help each other workshop on our live, action-packed calls.

Remind me again why we're focusing on craveworthy client-getting above all else?

Because if you don’t have clients, what you have isn’t so much a business as a ridiculously expensive hobby. And I want better for you. Don’t you? 

How soon can we start?

The next cohort kicks off in December 2020. Get on the waitlist to hold your spot!

How much time should I expect to invest?

During the first two months of the Takeoff, roughly 3-5 hours per week for the lessons, live group call, and implementation time.

During the next two months: this depends on you. You have the opportunity, but not the obligation to come to up to eight calls a month and access ALL the trainings on offer. Take what you need, leave what you don’t.

How do I know if I am a good fit for the program?

My expertise lies in helping coaches, consultants & other purpose driven entrepreneurs who use their talents to transform lives or businesses. If you are pushing products as your primary focus or selling stuff & nonsense, I am not your girl.

But, if you use your expertise to help people solve a significant life or business problem and your services could potentially command a premium price (and that’s the kind of sandbox you really want to be playing in), we should talk.

My clients tend to be in one of two places:

  • you’ve been working on making your mark online for 2-5 years, but all that effort hasn’t yet come together to really make it rain.
  • you’ve seen lots of success over the last 6-10 years of your business, but the level of effort required isn’t sustainable and you’re looking to change how you work-ie: niche down, uplevel your clients, or develop a signature service instead of charging hourly.

The more experience you have, the faster & farther we can go. But I can and will save a really motivated newbie from spending YEARS of wasted time, energy & money on all the wrong things.

If you are a brand new entrepreneur, come with a strong sense of what you want to do and who you want to help. I’m not going to teach you to coach or tell you what business you should be in. It’s not that kind of party.

This community-is this really just a FB group?

Hell no. I am NOT selling you a FB group. This is about live face to face connections and support. 

Entrepreneurship can be hella isolating. The sexiest words ever? “You don’t have to do this all alone.”  And that’s what I’m saying to you.

The HEART of this work family is in the live group calls. 

Workshop calls: to help you apply the lessons to your biz. We answer Qs, troubleshoot your takeaways to get them into fantastic final shape for immediate implementation (including all pitching in to write copy together) . 

Mastermind calls: to share a challenge, quandary, opportunity or situation and get the chance to profit from our combined wisdom and support for your unique biz Qs and needs. 

‘Cause NO ONE is doing this all by themselves (and you should stop trying).


Wow! There's so much I want to learn! What happens after the four months?

Glad you asked-you can keep rocketing forward with us in the Sky High Club on a subscription basis to access everything you need to conquer the world with your message. 

Now that you’re no longer stuck in the mud, you have the freedom & the ability to go after all those lofty dreams you had when you started your biz.

What’ll it be next? Retreats, speaking engagements, masterminds, media, VIP services, book writing, Tedtalks? A wide world of possibility awaits!

Got more Qs? I've got As!
Wondering if Extraordinary Impact is right for you? Book your exploratory call and let’s chat! Let’s make sure this is the right move at the right time for you. I will absolutely tell you if I think it is not.

And when we’re done, you’ll walk away with:

A clear & UNIQUE mission that stands well above the crowd.

You’re sitting squarely, confidently, on your throne of genius, owning your unique market position, knowing exactly how to make your extraordinary impact.

An offer that is irresistible to your audience.

You’ve nailed your target market and what they really want, so you always know what to say that will make you stand out and make them buy whatever you’re selling.

Compelling messaging & marketing that connects & converts.

You’ve developed unique, come-hither copy that gets those most craveworthy clients lining up, plus you have key biz dev strategies so you know exactly how to get attention, get seen as a leader, and get them hiring YOU.

It’s time for all your hard work to finally pay off (yes, literally).

It’s time for your unique message to be heard.

It’s time to make an extraordinary impact.

On your business. On your life. And on the world.

Let’s begin.