Everything’s canceled, isn’t it?

And now they’re trying to cancel your business too.

Because there are far too many voices online trying to shame us into silence. Saying:

Now is not the time to market and sell-it’ll just make you look like a jerk while people are focusing on the real, important stuff.

And that fantastic idea you have? The one you realized just yesterday could make a HUGE difference for your audience? That they need right now?

If you MUST offer it, you should just give that away for free.

You know, if you’re a good person.

I cry bullshit.

The truth is your people need you. Now more than ever.

Whether it’s:

  • to keep them healthy now that they can’t go to the gym,
  • to hush that inner critic who’s making them frantically question their every move,
  • or to get them more clients ASAP ‘cause there is no more time to waste (my specialty),

What we do isn’t a frivolous, disposable luxury. It’s ESSENTIAL.

So, yes, my trip to Madrid & London next month is canceled.

But you know what’s not canceled? The brand story challenge I’m running April 6th and the launch of the first group version of Extraordinary Impact on April 20th.

Not because I don’t care about what’s happening in the world. But because I do.

Because my people need me now more than ever. The work I do allows them to do incredible things, create extraordinary lives.

I am not going to let the voices of fear and doubt stop me at a time when helping online businesses be successful is more important than ever.

What is happening right now in the world is going to take a lot from us. I will not let it take the work, the business that fills me with joy and meaning.

As a bonus, that means, that despite the moments of panic and overwhelm that I feel when I look at the news, the primary emotion I am feeling right now is not dread or fear, but excitement about what I am creating.

We are uniquely placed, you and I, to not only survive this new reality, but to thrive.

Yes, tons of small companies will go out of business-and my heart hurts for them.

I’m not going to be one of them. And I’m thinking you’re not going to be either, are you?

‘Cause, you know what’s not canceled? Your dreams, your hopes, your mission-that thing you are here on the planet to do.

Your dream business is not canceled.



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