Brand Stories that Convert Masterclass

The secret to getting clients with your story

What if you could take your brand story from crickets to cha-ching in just days?

Join me for a live group workshop to craft a unique & compelling brand story that doesn’t just get you attention, it gets you hired.

I just finished my Brand Story from the Challenge and shared it for the first time today and I already have a strategy call booked for tomorrow, specifically from that share! THANK YOU Wendy! XOXO

Beth Estey‎

Fresh Perspective Consulting

Everyone says that storytelling sells. So why isn’t your story making you any sales, hmmm?

Let’s fix that. Right now.

Because, for a limited time, I am giving you access to all the brand story challenge teaching materials PLUS my help to polish your story till it sings and sells!

The Brand Stories that Convert Masterclass is your chance to stop being unclear, confusing & sounding like every other ninja/guru/rockstar in the market, and start connecting with your audience and converting them into clients.

You’ll learn:

one: The secret to immediately fixing not just your brand story, but your whole message (you’re welcome!) so that more of those craveworthy clients start paying you mind & paying you moolah.

two: The truth about what makes your story connect with your audience and why it’s essential if you want to touch their hearts & change their lives, (and it’s got nothing to do with being a drama queen).

three: The one disastrous mistake that’s keeping your story from converting and how you can use my Extraordinary Impact Equation so your audience sees you as the ONLY one they need to hire.

four: The magic words that instantly create curiosity, credibility & authority, paying off in attention from your audience and in clients handing you their credit cards.

five: The one critical step to client-getting (that all successful entrepreneurs swear by) and how you can use this to profit from your brand story TODAY.


‘Cause your story is one of the most powerful client-getting tools on the planet. But only if you tell it right.

 The Brand Stories that Convert Masterclass

A live group workshop to craft a unique & compelling story that speaks directly to the heart & wallet of your ideal client.

You get:

Five teaching videos with my step by step strategy plus the challenge workbook & answer key.
Two live group coaching sessions to get answers to your biggest Qs & my feedback on your story.
Bonus content:  FAQ from seven challenges & applying the challenge lessons to your whole brand message.

Calls are Tuesdays, October 19th & November 2nd at 12:00pm ET
These exclusive sessions will be recorded.

All for just $199.

Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Don’t miss this special offer only available till midnight, October 15th.








You’ve seen the results people have gotten in the free challenge.
Just imagine what you can do with extra time & teachings to polish up your story, plus my brain in your biz!

This challenge is different, in that it actually helps put ££££ on your business plan. With most challenges by day 2 I step out because my time is too valuable to waste it on some intangible challenge, 5 days with Wendy for FREE was the most valuable use of my time in a long time.

Maria Alvarez

Stress Burnout Coach, Time to Up

Who am I & why should you listen to me?

I’m Wendy White and I am not a storytelling coach. I’m a client-getting coach.

Because, if you want your brand story to actually get you hired, it’s not enough to just tell a good story.

You need it to carry a powerful, persuasive message that speaks directly to the heart (& wallet) of your ideal client.

And that right there? That’s my specialty.

Which works out well, don’cha think?


‘Cause you don’t need another creative writing project. You need clients.

Success Stories

I’ve worked with copywriters before and they’ve edited my work, rather than taught me how to craft engaging and profitable content.

I now have a story that hangs together well, that genuinely represents how I can help my clients and that gives them a sincere promise. Win, Win, Win!!

If this is what you deliver as a challenge, then I’m ready to get blown away further once Extraordinary Impact begins.

Maria Alvarez
Stress Burnout Coach, Time to Up
 If you want more amazing clients, stop what you’re doing and sign up for this challenge. Right now.

Listen. My business has more than quadrupled since working with Wendy White just by implementing what she’s taught me.

I’ve been in business for 13+ years and I’ve worked with all sorts of business coaches and marketing experts to help me grow my business. Many of whom were really quite good. But NOTHING COMPARES to the impact of Wendy’s genius.

She will teach you how to get to the heart of YOUR MESSAGE in a way that nobody else teaches. AND she shows you how to put your message in front of the clients you most want to work with.

I sincerely cannot recommend her work highly enough. I just finished my day one homework & I’m blown away by what I just wrote! I feel like Wendy just “Mr. Miyagi’d“ me!

Jennie Mustafa-Julock
Inner Critic Expert, Coach Jennie
I had a mindblowing experience with Wendy White.

On Monday, Wendy launched the Brand Stories that Convert Challenge and I jumped on board. Five days in a row, along with a select group of passionate business owners, I have been nailing down my Brand Story based on Wendy’s blueprint.

I learned:

  • What makes a powerful brand story that converts
  • How to structure the brand story
  • What mistakes + BS stuff to avoid

I love Wendy’s authentic and professional way of approaching things. Very straight forward, no fluff and super inspiring.

Irina Iurcisin
Wendy, this has, far and away, been THE best challenge I have ever done over the course of my long entrepreneurial adventure!

The scope of information (incredible!), the support(!), the enthusiasm, the energy (yours especially!) and your presence most of all, have made this a huge success for me. You have given away lessons that many would pay $$$ for.

I can only imagine how deep and business boosting your Extraordinary Impact will be. Thank you!

Audrey Acton
Journey Strategist
My favorite thing about this challenge is the clarity I’ve gained with such simple action steps and how much value was packed in it!

My biggest win was tying up all that was in my head with a nice, pretty bow!

I’ve known for a bit who I wanted to serve and why I’m doing this. I just didn’t know HOW to put it together.

I loved it and can’t imagine what you bring to your longer trainings!

Tasha Whitt
Wellness Coach
This was an amazing challenge.

I gained clarity, confidence and direction on how to go about putting together my brand story which will help me in coming up with other copy.

I had struggled for so long to put this together and your format was so helpful to do that.

I truly appreciate you and look forward to working with you soon!

Elisa Antonia Negroni
Authenticity and Vulnerability Coach
This Brand Stories That Convert Challenge has been igniting my copywriting in a way few other methods have succeeded.

Wendy White has framed a fun, fast-paced, no-fluff place to work on the words that create connection with the people I most want to serve.

As a copywriter, it’s been most exciting to learn new ways tighten up my message… while watching others get closer to stories that sell.

If this is the pink spoon sample of your program, you’re making me crave the triple scoop version.

Collette Gaskin-Gutierrez
This challenge will change the way you think about brand stories.

I’ve struggled for years to identify my ideal client and to craft appealing copy that would convert to sales.

I took Wendy’s Brand Stories That Convert challenge and BAM! I had a portrait of my ideal client, including how and why I help them AND had fun creating it.

The wonderful Wendy White is generous with her support and feedback and creates a community that encourages the same from participants. She makes you stretch your thinking (who knew the phrase “So what?” could be so powerful), and makes sure the party is never dull.

I highly recommend taking this challenge! You get Wendy’s brilliance and you get to hang out with an amazing group of people for free!

Alexandra Murdoch Uth
Editor, Loomis & Lyman, Inc.
I must say, this has been the best challenge I’ve ever participated in.

It gave me so many ideas and great guidance to arrive at better clarity. Clarity is the first step to mastery.

Thank you, Wendy, you are an inspiration!

Anna Simpson
Confidence Coach and Motivational Speaker
Thank you Wendy for this opportunity to be a part of this incredible challenge.

It’s certainly one of the better challenges I’ve been a part of, and the pace was awesome.

It was also packed with a wealth of invaluable information, along with a wealth of your wisdom you shared with all of us.

KellyRae Brown
Mindset Coach
I am BLOWN AWAY by my a-ha moments. It’s exactly the message I want to convey (I feel empowered to help and so amazingly clear!)

Developing and refining my brand story has given me undeniable courage. I now have the confidence to launch a course that has been moldering in my files for months.

Not only is my message crystal clear, but clarifying who and why I help has also resulted in fine-tuning how I help and show up for others.

And the amazing thing is: I can’t wait to get out there and do what I’m meant to do!

If you’ve been spinning your wheels using ineffective narrative in your biz copy, you can get expert guidance creating copy that sells.


Susan Murray
Holistic Coach, Thrive Beyond Holistic Coaching
Amazing! You can use this right away in your business to create visibility and client attraction, the right way.

This might be my first ever implement right away challenge. Wendy White is a terrific host. She keeps everything clear so you can understand right away, without ever talking down to you. The connections and support are out of this world too.

Everything was so clear and came together naturally at the end. Everything flowed for me. My story flowed for me.

It really helps you confidently know yourself and your business.

Roni Walker
This is THE BEST Challenge I have ever done with a business coach. THE BEST!

I didn’t realize how deep I would be diving into my story and how I would first be connecting the dots for myself so I can do it for my peeps.

Michele Stans
Professor of Manifestology
I’m fired up and am so excited for what’s coming!

To have had such an intense “ah-ha” moment on day one is incredibly powerful.

Amanda Wagner
Speaker/Strategist/Podcaster, The Amanda Wagner
I love the clarity and the connections with others happening in the group.

The homework last night was right on-free writing that became clarified and we will get feedback from Wendy. That is amazing just from less than 48 hours into the challenge.

Where will we go from here? The moon or beyond?

Lisa Boyles
Artist of Life
Wendy, this has been an amazing process you pulled me through!

I have learned so much and can’t wait for using it within my business. Thank you so much!

Patty Reichert
Travel Planner, Just Beachy Travels
I loved how much clarity I found and how much I was able to accomplish in such a short time.

My biggest win was creating a story and a promise that I’m proud of and that I hope will really connect with my audience.

It’s so exciting to actually put it out there!

Victoria Stigliano-Dzuban
The Sacred Business Alchemist
Wendy, you are amazing. I am amazed at the value, time, and heart you poured into our community (and for free!).

I loved attending your lives, how you organized the logical-progression of lessons in the Units area of the FB Group, and how well you have designed your FB Group to draw in your audience, get real value in a stacked way, synthesize it during the lives, and how it progressed day by day.

I could NOT pass up the opportunity to continue working with Wendy (it’s like having a direct line to the abundant teacher-universe!) AND to be among the brilliant, purpose-driven women! I’m soooo in!

Julie-Francis Noble
Wendy White’s free challenge is magic.  Grab this opportunity with both hands 🙌

This is my second time around. The first time I only got as far as my promise before I got stuck and time ran away with me. I was so new to my business I didn’t know who my client was, let alone what I wanted to say to them.

Take two…I got further. I chose between two potential themes and wrote my whole brand story. Thought about it for a day before realising I’d chosen the wrong one. No problem! 😉 I totally get it. I know why the other one will be better. I know what I need to do to fix it.

Thanks to Wendy I’ll have an oh so solid brand story to take forward into the future.  And did I mention this is all free?

Rachel Philpott
Maker Ray Studio
Wendy’s Brand Story Challenge is incredible.  The BEST challenge ever.

Why? Because you actually get a real solid tangible result at the end of the 5 days…a brand story that you are super proud of and you can’t wait to share. Wendy takes you step by step, day by day to create your brand story in the best way for you and your business and it is all FREE! Yes FREE.

This challenge is GOLDEN. It will end up being one of the best challenges you have ever done too.

Get your brand story done in just 5 days!

Sharon Brooks
When my friend told me about Wendy’s 5-day event, I was skeptical.

I’d tried to figure out what was missing from my messaging for a long time. Nothing was engaging my niche! I was frozen with analysis paralysis from dozens of voices in my head! I was also stuck in a coaching relationship that was getting me nowhere – fast! So I signed up and stayed open to what Wendy had to say.

Well, needless to say, she nailed it on day 1 like she was talking directly to me!! What I learned on that morning has already helped me become active with my market, communicating what I learned and turning heads! Wendy got my joo-joo back! Every day’s lessons got more and more effectual and became a whole new way of communicating, and it has reinvigorated my business! I hired Wendy right away and am excited to get going!

If I grew this much in a few days, I can’t imagine what kind of growth I will have after a few months!!  Thank you, Wendy!!

Sheila Keilty
I have no words to tell you how amazing this workshop has been for me.

I am a ex -corporate / brand marketing manager who spent decades dealing with brands and messages, and this is BY FAR the best approach I have ever seen. You break it down to the smallest bit and trim down all the fat, nonsense and confusion. I don’t know if my new business will take off (and in part because doing this exercise makes me question everything, including the offer itself) but it surely is very therapeutic to go to the bottom core before building up a program that has no real foundation.

Thank you so much – I have referred all my friends who are involved in running or launching new businesses to set everything aside and do this work.

You truly are life-changing.

Rita Rusu
I’ve struggled with my mission statement but now have a clearer idea of where I’m going.

Not having that mission has made me feel like I can’t promise change to my clients as that would be unethical, but actually now I realise I don’t have to make a promise of my success, just if they make the leap of faith they will see their own success story unfold.

Sharon Sargeant
This has helped more than anything else I’ve paid for in the last 5 years!
Sandra Grace
WNC Woman
I’ve loved this challenge, it really was the best thing I’ve done!

I’ve learnt how to connect with my target audience and who they are in more depth. I also looked more deeply into why I’m doing what I’m doing and the story behind that and how to communicate it clearly. Wendy is the real deal and a great teacher. I will absolutely be back to sign up for the next extraordinary impact.

Emma Geraghty
This was the first challenge that was motivating and content-rich enough to get me to prioritize it, show up and do the work!

I could see the benefits of Wendy’s methods immediately as she helped me begin to clarify a business vision that celebrates my unique gifts and passion. I feel like I have a fresh start now and am in a great place to dive deep, make plans and start implementing a business plan that is fun and exciting to me!

Amy Chinitz
Spark Joy New York
This was the first challenge to really give the “how” not just the “why”.

The first to ever get me to show up every single day AND do the workbook (which is content rich).

Wendy truly gives and serves up real content that should be behind a paywall, she is the real deal!!!

Claudia Edwards
Wendy truly delivered with this challenge.

She imparted invaluable wisdom that helped me clarify my mission and message. Her step-by-step method to create an authentic and unique brand story is genius. I’ve now published my brand story in 4 different places and can’t wait to shout it from the rooftops!

Thank you Wendy for such a powerful, productive and enjoyable experience!

Maria Hilliard
Womens Wellness Coach
Your content is so wonderfully clear & concise.

My Irish Gift of Gab doesn’t always serve me well. It’s almost painful when I have to cut out words. But your lessons are teaching through my overly, word saturated mind-fog. Most appreciative.

Maripat Quinn
Cultural Strategist
Wendy, I just want to say a huge thank you for this challenge.

It’s still having a profound effect. I’m viewing every aspect of me & my businesses from a totally different perspective. I’m actually owning me and shouting about it.

Hurrah & about time too!

Lesley Anne Jones
Director at Amber Property Wealth Management Ltd

They’re NEVER going to hire you if you can’t tell them what you do.

Get Instant Impact, my free guide to creating a compelling introduction that speaks directly to the heart & wallet of your ideal client.

Fantastic! You're in!