Welcome to the wonderful world of making your mark, making it count, and making it rain.

Why you should never do what you are told to do

YOU KNOW WHAT SOUNDS LIKE AN ABSOLUTELY SURE FAIL BUSINESS TO ME? Raising miniature donkeys. What do you even do with a full size donkey unless you have a field that needs to be plowed and, also, BTW, you happen to be Amish? And yet, there is a miniature donkey farm called Ass-pirin Acres near my home. No, I am not even making that up.

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How to be more productive, more creative & even get a better brain

THE OTHER DAY I TOOK A BREAK. I freed myself from my desk, leapt into my car, and headed out for wild adventures on the open road. Ok, ok, I was actually just going to Burlington for a networking event. So, maybe not quite the jetsetting, cliff diving, running with the bulls kind of audacious venture you have come to expect. (sorry)

But it FELT like an adventure. Because it was so thrillingly different from what I had been doing for AGES.

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On failure, Willy Wonka, and what every entrepreneur understands (that no one else does)

WHAT IF IT DOESN’T WORK OUT? It will. But what if it doesn’t? It has to. But what if it doesn’t? I will make it work out. But what if it doesn’t? I wanted to smack him.

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Why your quarter life crisis is a gift

IT’S 3:00 AM AND YOU’RE AWAKE AGAIN. Shaken out of a restless sleep by the sense that something is terribly wrong. You kick free of a tangle of sweaty sheets. Gulping air, you try to check your cascading breaths. But you can’t quiet your panicky mind, tossing questions like darts, bursting pinpricks of pain. Everyone says you have a great life. You do have a great life. Don’t you?

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When is too late? Three true tales of longing, triumph & despair

SHE WAS TWENTY-SEVEN. For a year she had dreamed of taking time off to travel and work in Australia. She wanted to quit the job that bored her to tears, to stop wasting hours, days, weeks of her life in a profession she had been assured was a good choice, but didn’t feel it. To jettison the crushing weight of parental expectations that insisted that she should be happy with what made them happy.

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