Welcome to the wonderful world of making your mark, making it count, and making it rain.

On self-doubt, drowning, and how to finally become confident

IMAGINE THIS: A flash of white catches the corner of your eye, but it is the weakened, burbled cry that really focuses your attention. You realize she is no longer splashing around happily, but flailing in a panic, clutching at the surface of the water as though it could buoy her. But it won’t. Her head vanishes. Again.

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The absolutely, positively, guaranteed, you-heard-it-here-first way to get what you really want (with goat butter)

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU FIND A HORRENDOUS, LETHAL OBSTACLE IN THE PATH BETWEEN WHERE YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU WANT TO GO? Well, let’s talk about it. You dream of having a goat farm. You love goats. You think their fuzzy little faces are adorable. So, you don’t want to eat them; it’s going to be a dairy farm. Did you know that the French word for those pungent little bundles of goat cheese is “animal dropping,” or as my most elegant Parisian friend puts it “shitlet?” Yes, it is. Go look it up. I’ll wait.

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You are better than the life they tell you to settle for

IT WAS THE WORST THING I HAD EVER HEARD. She was thirty-five years old. Talented, driven, whip-smart. A year before, she had bolted from the status quo. Renounced her corporate marketing job: the comfy salary, the sense of security, the approval of her parents and peers. Also: the endless politics, the meaningless hoops, the disgusting and unscrupulous bosses. After ages of feeling that she was wasting her talents, her time, her LIFE on the hamster wheel, she had finally had enough.

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On risk, Joe Lauzon, and fear of failure

JOE LAUZON IS MY FAVORITE MMA FIGHTER. He should be yours too. Here’s why. He is ambitious and audacious. He always fights to win by a knockout or a submission. Decisively and dramatically. It’s thrilling to watch and why he’s considered the most exciting fighter in the UFC. He fights like it matters.

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Dear Stagnating Client: no one is coming to rescue you

DEAR STAGNATING CLIENT, I know what’s been going on. After hours and hours of coaching sessions. After months and years and MILLENNIA of work. You haven’t really moved forward at all. And it’s time to say: it’s not me. It’s you.

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