Welcome to the wonderful world of making your mark, making it count, and making it rain.

Are you a profit center or a cost center?

IN EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS IN THE HISTORY OF HISTORY, THERE ARE JUST TWO KINDS OF JOBS. Those considered profit centers because they bring in more gorgeous filthy lucre than they cost the company. And those considered cost centers which, no matter how actually important to the business, are seen as a drain on the company’s giant pot of gold. I’ll let you take one wild guess as to which of these is a more secure job to have.

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What are you waiting for?

NINE MONTHS. Nine months! How do people wait that long for ANYTHING? I have spent longer than I thought humanly survivable in a state of anticipation. Waiting and waiting. No, not for a baby. Have you met me?

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The #1 way to quintuple your income in the next twenty minutes while you sleep

ADMIT IT. You’ve been tempted by those promises of big money online. This program can take you from zero to six figures in three months while you sleep. That course will teach you how to double your income in the next twenty minutes. (Not that you will, but it will teach you how you could in an alternate reality in which you are actually somebody completely different.)

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My secret to living an adventurous life

“SO, WHAT DO YOU SAY?” My friend Tari was flying home to Indonesia to spend two weeks on a live aboard dive boat with her family, all expert divers. At the last minute a cousin had dropped out, so there was one spot left on the boat. And she was offering it to me. There were so many reasons to say no…

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Taking your eleventy billionth class and still not seeing progress? It’s not your fault.

BUYER BEWARE. A friend recently went back to school to complete his degree. At age forty. So that’s already tricky. And he’s taking statistics. Yes, really. He expected it to be difficult. What he didn’t anticipate was just being handed a gargantuan textbook and left on his own. No personalized attention, no feedback on his work, no answers to the questions that emerge as he fights his way through the muck. Just him, a massive, stultifying tome, and all the anguish in the world.

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