Are you missing the one thing that will make all your marketing pay off?

Do you ever feel like all that marketing you’re slogging away on is a huge waste of time? 

What if I told you that you’re right? 

What if I told you that the reason you’re still not getting hired by enough of those truly ideal clients and STILL not rising above the noise as a thought leader isn’t that you’re using the wrong platform, tool, or technique?

It’s that you’re missing the one thing that will make it all pay off.

Guess what? That’s EXACTLY what I’m telling you. 

If you’ve been stuck & spinning on how to better connect with those perfect people and make a greater impact with your work, it’s not your fault and it’s not your fate.

It’s because you’re in a world of people focusing on the wrong things. 

Everyone is frantically focused on the marketing. They’re working on improving the website, the social media strategy, the publicity, the emails, videos, quizzes and challenges.

But here’s the thing: the problem isn’t in your marketing.  It’s in your message.

Every kind of marketing out there is just a tool to get your message out. If you don’t have your unique message clear as crystal? None of that marketing will work.

This is why most business coaches & strategists fail you. 

They focus on just the marketing. But, if you haven’t first nailed the message to be delivered, all that marketing is a giant, horrifying waste of your energy, your money, your LIFE.

You have been let down by the gurus who’ve got you spending all your time and money working on your marketing and you still haven’t nailed your message. 

The result? Well, if you’re like most coaches & consultants, your message is unclear, confusing, and, worst of all, sounds just like everyone else. Which is why nobody’s picking up what you’re putting down.

Luckily for you, I’m NOT most coaches.

I spent over a decade helping small, unknown businesses stand out and win clients in extremely competitive markets in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe before taking this expertise online in 2014.

I did this without a big corporate reputation to open doors for me, without social media to attract and keep attention, and without fancy marketing materials of any kind. (We barely even had a website!)

But, what I DID have? Absolute clarity about my offer and its value to my ideal client, coupled with the ability to communicate that clearly, concisely, and confidently-on the phone, in an email, in the boardroom. 

That’s right: what I had was my brand message.

Which is why, today, I teach coaches & consultants like you to master the unique, confident, client-winning message you must have to rise above the noise as a thought leader.

Because your brand message is the thing that will impact a greater audience, attract your truly ideal clients quickly & simply, plus, give you the confidence to do both.

Think of all the time, money, and energy you’ve invested in learning to game the algorithms, researching hashtags, and debating starting a Tiktok strategy. If you spent a fraction of that time simply learning how to confidently communicate what you do and why it matters, your business would be skyrocketing. 

Your messaging is THE thing that will make all your current marketing pay off and at the same time, remove the need to build a giant Rube Goldberg marketing machine of doom. 

Yes, there is a quicker, easier, SIMPLER way to get hired by your ideal clients and unleash your thought leadership on a grander scale. And this is IT: your message. 

In a world full of people offering you more and more complexity, isn’t that a relief?

Here’s what it looks like when you master your message: 

Leadership & Career Coach Lee Ann Crockett went from an idea for a business to having a full roster of clients, media, speaking gigs & making 6 figures in just 8 months (which allowed her to finally quit her full time corporate job).  

Burnout Coach Maria Alvarez went from self-doubt and crickets despite having invested TONS in programs that got her nothing to getting 85 clients for a course that didn’t even exist yet, booking speaking gigs for an audience of 6000 across EMEA, and creating and selling a new £3000 signature service in just 2 months. Within 7 months, she had her first $11,000 month and then her first $22,000 month.

And, when Mind Body Transformation Coach Sheila Keilty joined my challenge, she was considering quitting her business. She’d gone 6 months without new clients for her flagship program despite working her tail off on all the marketing, speaking, and networking. As a bonus, she was $6000 in debt from a high end guru who got her to invest in ALL the marketing.

But as soon as she learned to communicate her unique message, everything changed.

Within the first two days of my FREE challenge, she closed $9600 in sales using what I taught her. Within 3 weeks, that was $21,000, within 2 months, $30,000, and within 6 months, she had closed $125,000 in new sales. In SIX months (oh, yes, that was a quarter of a million dollar year). Not to mention, she got booked for a TEDtalk just by introducing herself in an elevator. Yes, she really did.

Isn’t that extraordinary?

That’s why I say that nailing your messaging is THE thing that will make all your marketing pay off.

That’s why I call Extraordinary Impact an accelerator, because that’s how fast your world can alter entirely.

And, THAT could be you.

Here are two ways you can start mastering your message right now.

Join the Instant Impact Workshop. In this intimate & interactive workshop, you’ll craft the unique & compelling introduction you must have for social media, speaking, publicity, and networking. Spend just a couple of hours with me and you’ll dramatically improve, not just your introduction, but all your messaging. We’re kicking off soon-don’t miss it!

And, if you’re ready to really do this already, to get ridiculous results like LeeAnn, Maria & Sheila, book a consult to find out about how you & I can work together in Extraordinary Impact®, my business accelerator to create, implement & profit from the unique brand message you need as a thought leader.


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