Hola! I’m Wendy White, messaging strategist for extraordinary entrepreneurs.

I know something about pioneering a path to an extraordinary life of adventure & impact.

I’ve been in international client & business development since 2000. Along the way I’ve worn lots of different hats (all tilted at a rakish ‘come hither, big boy’ angle, of course).

My specialty has always been winning clients for companies, boldly going where no woman had gone before, opening up new and mysterious foreign markets for small, unconventional businesses.

But, as a wanderlusting free spirit living inside a driven business woman, I battled between my desire to run off to faraway lands and my fierce, professional aspirations.

I longed for a life where I could combine adventure & impact.

Where challenge and contentment would collide and canoodle. Where I could help a client achieve their goals in the morning and celebrate with a good Rioja in a seaside castle at dusk.

So I created a business that would take me there.

I’ve been a full time entrepreneur since 2005 when I fled the cubicle for foreign lands (& sangria).

Yes, there are some delicious details involving include Spain, France, and spies, but those tales are best over a glass or two of red.

In 2013, after ages of scoring top clients for small businesses, I realized that I could use these same talents to help real, live humans do the work that they love in the mysterious and foreign market that is the online world.

Enter the C word. Coaching, you barbarians.

Specifically, the genius of Barbara Sher, the godmother of life coaching.

Way before Martha Beck, ICF, and CTI,  before Marie Forleo was even born, Barbara was dispensing her whip-smart, no BS advice on how to do what you love and are gifted at. I spent a year studying with her in Germany and began coaching ex-pat entrepreneurs in Madrid.

Today, coaches, consultants & other thought leaders hire me to master a unique, confident & compelling message that wins the most coveted clients.

It’s the powerful, persuasive center you need for a brilliantly successful, uniquely YOU business that’ll take you wherever you want to go.

My deepest, darkest secrets (maybe):

>>> I have moved more than anyone you have ever met, including out of the country three times, and not just to escape the law.

>>> I have been a lawyer, a recruiter, a salesperson, an ESL teacher, and a spy. Ok, I wasn’t really a spy, I could explain, but you’ll just end up saying that we were spies. So, let’s just go with it: WE WERE SPIES, PEOPLE.

>>> I became fluent in both Italian and Spanish as an adult, due to a deep seated need to talk more, apparently.

>>> I am one of only a handful of coaches personally trained by Barbara Sher, the OG of life coaching. And 99.99% of them only speak German. Just sayin’.

>>> For a hot second there, I was a life coach, before turning to business. But I really don’t care if you’re fat or you hate your husband. (Sorry. Not sorry.)

>>> After living in Italy, Ecuador & Spain, I’m currently based in Vermont with my husband and two vicious, killer mini-dachshunds, spending a few months every year in my heart’s other homes: Quito & Madrid.

What’s exceptional, ecstatic & wealthy all over?

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