What if you could make an extraordinary impact with your message?


Unique, confident & compelling.

That could be you.

What if you could make an extraordinary impact with your message?


Unique, confident & compelling.

That could be you.

Raise your hand if you’re sick of trying all the things, but still not getting hired by enough of those perfect people.

Keep it raised if you’re itching to win clients with a unique, confident & compelling message, but you’re not sure how.

Now stand up and DANCE if you’re ready to finally make the extraordinary impact® (& income) you crave.

Look at us, we’re having a dance party on the internet. This is a tiny glimpse into what it’s like working with me.


Get my best messaging strategies so you can pull away from the pack & make an extraordinary impact on the world.

Hola!I’m Wendy White, messaging strategist for extraordinary entrepreneurs.

Coaches & consultants who are stepping into their thought leadership hire me to master a message that’s unique, confident & compelling.

Because most are unclear, confused, and sound just like everyone else, so they’re not rising above the noise.

Because all the busywork and hustling has made their lifestyle and their success, feel alarmingly unsustainable.

Because it’s high time that every smidgen of the blood, sweat, and tweets they’ve invested pays off (yes, literally).

My specialty is tapping into what is truly unique about you and putting that front & center in your business to connect with & convert those perfect people.

I’m going to let you in on two real world business secrets that the shiny object marketeers & sparkly fluffpreneurs aren’t talking about.

1. The problem, chica, isn’t in your marketing. It’s in your message.

Everyone is frantically focused on the podcasts & videos, the challenges & quizzes, the website, emails & social media strategy.

But, all that marketing is just a tool to get your message out there.

If you don’t have your message clear as crystal? None of the marketing will work.

2. And that message needs to be uniquely your own.

If you’re mimicking everyone else, your prospects won’t know that you’re the leader they’re seeking because they won’t know WHO YOU ARE.

And that’s a problem.

Because you are your one truly unique selling point.

Running a business missing your unique message?


It’s like taking a train from New York to Venice.



Success Stories

Working with Wendy is the best business decision I’ve ever made.

I was paralyzed when it came to moving forward and putting myself out there. Today, I had to tell a client that I couldn’t take her on until February because my schedule is full. I NEVER thought I’d be saying that. I’m still in disbelief.

Kathya Bustamante
Eco-Biz Strategist
In two months, I got further with building my client base than I did in the two years since I started my practice.

If you’ve ever thought, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll do all that later, after I’ve gotten my business up and running,” STOP. Call Wendy and DO. IT. NOW.

Liza Baker
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Simply Health Coaching
It’s hands-down the best coaching experience I’ve ever had-and that’s saying something!

I had spent a decade and ${insert embarrassing number here} on courses, gurus and masterminds that failed to deliver a 10th of that value. Wendy knew how to draw out my genius…and how to package it.

Jennie Mustafa-Julock
Inner Critic Expert, Coach Jennie
Wendy is the coach you need after you’ve tried all the other bright, shiny trainings.

She strips away all the bells and whistles and sparklies, and gets down to the essence of what it takes to have a successful coaching business. She does this while always being in your corner, with a dollop of warmth, humor, and generosity.

Maria Granovsky. Ph.D, J. D
Content Writer & Consultant, Swimming Otter
Wendy FAR exceeded my expectations, holding me to account to deliver the absolute best I could.

I got through an obstacle that had been keeping me from success since I began my coaching practice, confidently raised my rates, and got a new client, before we were even done!

Paula Rolands
Integrative Health Coach
Working with Wendy has been one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had.

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, unclear as to where your business is going and cringing at the thought of someone asking you what it is you do, I can’t recommend Wendy highly enough.

Meg Kissack
Creator, That Hummingbird Life & The Couragemakers Podcast

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If you are a strong female entrepreneur, Wendy has, not just amazing tips, but an extraordinary message.
She takes the crazy, messy world of marketing and business development and helps you make sense of it. So good!
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They’re NEVER going to hire you if you can’t tell them what you do.

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