What my favorite clients are buzzing about

Amy Humphries, Marketing Strategist & Mindset Mentor, I Run This Ship

Oh how I love theeeee. It’s making me wanna jump up and down with excitement. I have gotten new IDEAL clients. New website was launched in 4 weeks from start to finish – a definite record for me.  Ideas are coming thick and fast, things are getting done, opportunities are opening up. For the first time in a long time, I’m actually excited about what I want to create. Stop fucking around and call the wendy. You won’t regret it.

Megan Hale, Fierce Feminine Leadership Mentor & Enoughness Coach, Megan-Hale.com

You were the perfect strategic partner who was goal oriented, creative, and held my vision for me. You have a keen ability to pick out the important information and back-burner the rest. This is SO helpful in getting your time and money out of working with someone. I hit the ground running directly following our call and made massive gains before our follow up. I had a stellar 3 weeks and learned so much about my own process. I’d love to work with you again! I feel that if I have you in my corner, I can accomplish some big things!!

Sandra Kahale, President, OnWord Consulting

Wendy is a smart, focused, creative thinker who hones in easily on what the real problem is. Working with her is powerful. She brought me back to myself, and now I’m moving forward with the energy and focus of a woman who loves what she’s doing!

Jacqueline J. Gale, Ed.D, Instructor, JSC, SMC, UVM, SNHU & Women’s Workshop Facilitator

If you want to work with someone who is willing to work as hard on your business as you are- Wendy is your go to girl. She will meet you where you are in your process and take you to the next level. She will hold you accountable for your dreams and inspire you to think deeply about why they are important to you! I feel like I could cry. NOT because I am sad, but because I am elated.

Ashley Tucker, Founder, ReloGeek & ReloAcademy

For once in my life, someone (someone meaning you) actually listened to me and heard every last word. And because you listened, you were able to effectively give me advice that was truly life changing. I can’t emphasize enough how you’ve helped me. No more depression, sleepless nights, and lack of clarity. I am more confident, more assured, and happier about my business’ future than ever before.

Samantha Ushedo, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, SamanthaUshedo.com

Working with you helped me get clear on what the message of my business is so that I could start blogging and using social media in a way that was in line with my vision and on message. I am so excited to see what comes next for me in my business!

Joanna Hennon, Intuitive & Channel, Create Your World

I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wasn’t sure about what they were doing, you brought so much clarity to me. You have a great way of fishing out the essence from what I said. You’re passionate and determined to find an answer – even though I wasn’t sure I was phrasing the problem correctly. I got clear on what I do and what I don’t do –talking to you made my business model clear.

Laura Courrau, Founder, LauraCourrau.com

Sell your shit on Ebay and do it! If you truly want to commit to a better life, make progress on your business, not continue to do what you’re doing now which is yielding no results then stop messing around and book Wendy.

Razwana Wahid, Copywriter & Business Consultant, Relentless-Movement & reGeneration

If you need a kick up the butt, Wendy is your gal! She helped me refocus and strip away any nonsense activities that were not adding value to my business. Wendy isn’t the kind of coach who only asks questions and expects you to get to the answers yourself. She also consults based on her own experience of building her business – this is invaluable.

Heather Ryno, Founder, Nourished Soul Coaching

Nothing short of amazing. One word: powerful! You are making one of the best choices you could make for moving your business forward. Wendy is a powerhouse who can help you gain clarity.

Katie Probert, Language Instructor, Learn French, Make Friends

You helped me get SO clear on my message and business! You somehow managed to get answers out of me that I didn’t realise I had! I feel really excited and motivated about what I am going to do next. I also feel confident about how I’m going to do it. EEK! This is very exciting Wendy! And it feels very do-able. HURRAH!xz

Liz Patt, Senior Systems Engineer & Founder, Zen of Iniquity

I feel insanely positive following our work. Wendy will get to the heart of what ails you and your business and won’t take any excuses — you WILL get shit done with her!

Sonal Uberoi, Owner & Founding Director, Spa Balance Consulting

I would thoroughly recommend you, not only for those who think that they are totally lost and do not know what they want out of life, but also for those who would classify themselves as the total opposite as it actually ensures you re-evaluate your situation and drive yourself towards your real goals.

Juliette Siegfried, Owner, Serving Med, Editor & Translator, La Paz Regional Hospital

Wendy helped me whittle down the mass of ideas I had in my head to a workable (and exciting) few, with concrete steps I could take to make them happen. It was just what I needed to get myself out of my rut and get moving again.

Patti Pokorchak, Business Growth Expert & Coach, Small Biz Sales Coach

Talking to Wendy is like talking to your BFF. But your best BFF at that! She asked pertinent questions that made me sit back and really think. Plus, she was so encouraging, she made me feel like I could do anything I really wanted, which to me, is the sign of a great coach.