Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of making your mark,
making it count, and making it rain.

When is too late? Three true tales of longing, triumph & despair

SHE WAS TWENTY-SEVEN. For a year she had dreamed of taking time off to travel and work in Australia. She wanted to quit the job that bored her to tears, to stop wasting hours, days, weeks of her life in a profession she had been assured was a good choice, but didn’t feel it. To jettison the crushing weight of parental expectations that insisted that she should be happy with what made them happy.

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Ready…set…don’t go! No, seriously.

IT’S THAT TIME, ISN’T IT? When the clean slate of the New Year and all the thrilling possibility of what could be, is calling you to shake off the stagnation, the stuck, the spinning, and to leap, LEAP, I tell you, into action. And you’re heeding the call!

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Stuck again? Maybe it’s time for you to be the boss.

ONE OF THE MOST HIDEOUS THINGS ABOUT CREATING IS THAT THERE ARE A MILLION WAYS TO GET COMPLETELY, BAMBOOZLEDLY STUCK. Every time you think you that you’ve learned enough from past mistakes and you’re NEVER going to get trapped in that quicksand again, a new unsuspected pitfall appears on the path to suck you down to your doom.

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No one is paying attention to you

I KNOW IT FEELS LIKE THEY ARE. When you create your website. When you publish your first blog posts. When you choose the name of your business. It feels like a whole heap of people are watching you. JUDGING YOU. Noticing when you make a mistake, when you course correct, when you when you change your fonts, your title, your offers, your hair color. They’re really not.

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How to make absolutely sure your business earns you what you really want

DO YOU WANT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? No, seriously. I want to know. Is that what you’re aiming for? I’m guessing it’s not. It’s not for me. What I really want is to spend six months each year in Spain and Latin America, connecting with friends new and old, speaking Spanish, exploring, having crazy adventures.

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Are you running away from the money?

ONE OF THE TRICKIEST THINGS ABOUT WORKING FOR YOURSELF IS FIGURING OUT WHAT EXACTLY TO DO NEXT. It’s even harder when you are in a financial panic. When all you can see is the money going out the door and cannot see how that will ever be matched by money coming in. I have the answer for you.

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